Writing Tips


Interesting in writing? Awesome! Whether you’re looking for writing inspiration on characters and world-building or you’re interested in indie publishing, I cover a lot of different areas. Here are some of my most popular posts that might give you an extra bit of knowledge to help you on your way to greatness (10 points if you know the quote).

On Writing:

On Tropes and Stereotypes

Why All Writers Should Do #NaNoWriMo

Scrivener: Best Writing Tool in the Author Utility Belt

Why Writers Should Attend Conferences

What to Do After You Finish Your Series

Finding Your Writing Voice

The Best Writing Advice Ever: Write What You Want to Read

Writing Inspiration: The Villains of ARROW

Writing and Exercise: Similar Techniques and Goals

Writing Characters: Layer ‘Em Like an Onion

World Building: Do the Rules Matter? (Survey Says Yes)

On Writing Villains (YA Indie Carnival)

When Teams Attack–the Dreaded Love Triangle

Love Is (Not) All You Need…When It Comes to Characters

Writer’s Relief: Getting Through Writer’s Block

When Your Awesome Writer’s Brain Won’t Stop – Idea Overload

When Your Setting Takes On a Life of Its Own

On Indie Publishing: 

Why I’m Choosing Indie Publishing

My Secret to Getting My Dream Job and Being an Indie Author

Author Evolution: Confidence and Stronger Writing

My 5 Secrets to Being a Happy Author

Rejection Letters: Why Writers Shouldn’t Hate on Agents

Why I’m Choosing Indie Publishing – A Response

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