Pep Talks


We all have those days where we wonder what the hell we’re doing with our writing. Maybe it’s writer’s block, maybe it’s a bad review, or maybe it’s simply a dark cloud over your head for a day. Here’s a little kick butt inspiration for authors everywhere!

An Indie Author’s Motto: HUSTLE

My UtopYA Exchange Idea on Writing and Your Confidence: The Ultimate Writer Pep Talk!

Why I’m Mad About Self-Publishing Stigma

Why Authors Shouldn’t Read Reviews of Their Books

How To: Own Your “Author/Writer” Title

My Secret to Getting My Dream Job and Being an Indie Author

My 5 Secrets to Being a Happy Author

Author Evolution: Confidence and Strong Writing

The Self-Publishing Stigma: Pushing Through Your Doubts

How To: Kick Insecurity in the Ass (Writer Style)

The Best Writing Advice Ever: Writing What You Want to Read

Writer’s Relief: Getting Through Writer’s Block

Social Media Tip: C’mon. Get Happy

Just Say No: Comparing Yourself Against Other Authors

Awkward Authors: An Introvert Prepares for Social Events

Writing and Exercise: Similar Goals and Techniques

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