Character Inspiration: Donovan Circus Lookalikes (Gabriel)

We’re still going with the celebrity lookalikes for Donovan Circus characters. You can see other lookalikes at the following links for: Lucy SullivanSheffield DonovanFelix Hardy (Gifted) – Medved (Burned).

Today, however, we’re taking a closer look at Gabriel Knight, the bad boy turned reluctant hero. He’s an Empath, which means he can read other people’s emotions. He’s powerful too, in ways and reasons I won’t go into so that they’re a surprise if you ever want to read the series.

Gabriel also happens to be a love interest for our heroine, Lucy, and he’s that cocky type who makes no secret of going after what he wants. The only problem? He drives Lucy crazy, because his personality is both secretive and smarmy, his sarcasm constantly on the surface. He knows he’s hot and it makes him that much more fun to write. Honestly, Gabriel is one of my favorite characters to write because while I love his personality, his backstory really pushes him in becoming a more well-rounded man. Again, I don’t want to give everything away in case you want to read about him yourself, but there is so much more to him than meets the eye. He is the way he is for particular reasons and while he hasn’t always made the best choices (meaning he can be incredibly selfish), he’s doing what he can to make up for his mistakes.

So, let’s get started!

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring is actually a huge inspiration behind Gabriel’s character. I started writing Gabriel long before I ever watched it, but Jason’s portrayal as Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars is spot on. Much like Logan Echolls, Gabriel comes off as a bit of a jerk, but when you peel back the layers and begin to understand what makes him tick, you grow to love him (at least that’s what my readers tell me!). The chemistry between Veronica and Logan is also inspiration, as the dialogue between them is very much Lucy and Gabriel. He’s arrogant and smarmy, sure, but he’s also more passionate and caring than he ever lets on. 


Luke Mitchell

The moment I saw Luke Mitchell appear on the CW’s The Tomorrow People in his leather jacket and mysterious background, I knew he’d make a great Gabriel. At 28, Luke Mitchell is the perfect age to play him, too. He’s got the look down, with tousled blond hair and just enough scruff to be sexy. I have no doubt he could play arrogant, as he’s definitely got the smartass yet intense personality that comes with being a lone wolf. 

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer definitely looks like Gabriel. I mean, just look at that profile! He’s ridiculously hot, right? There’s a quietness about him that fits with Gabriel’s softer side – in his alone time when he’s avoiding people’s emotions, he tends to take long walks or hide in his camper to read (as opposed to hanging with the boys playing video games).

Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund

I’m cheating a little because I’ve had only 3 choices for each of my previous lookalikes, but the moment I saw this photo of Garrett Hedlund, I knew I had to include him on the Gabriel list. The blue eyes, the shaggy hair, the scruff, the soulful look…yeah. This guy could totally be Gabriel. He’s beautiful! 

So what do you think, any of these guys strike your fancy to play your favorite loner Empath? Or is there someone else tall, blond, and handsome you have in mind?

Character Interview: Gabriel Knight

Today, we’ve got another character interview, this time with Donovan Circus member Gabriel Knight. Sarcastic, apathetic, and oh-so-hot, he does a terrific job of driving Lucy arms-on-fire crazy. I’ll admit sometimes Gabriel is an enigma even to me, but his wit, charm, personality, and good looks make him a great character to write. (Okay, maybe not his good looks. It’s just fun to imagine how pretty he is.)

For those of you who haven’t read Gifted yet, avert thy eyes if you plan to avoid ALL spoilers. Gabriel’s gift is a bit of a mystery for the first few chapters of the book, so if you don’t wanna know, just a warning. Though his gift is a surprise, it in no way gives away major plot details or spoilers.

Character: Gabriel Knight, main character
Role: Anti-hero, eventual love interest for Lucy
Age: 26
Gift: Empath

Q. Tell us about your Gift and your role around the circus grounds.
A. Jesus Christ, do I really have to do this? *looks around with a mixture of boredom and irritation*

Q. Would you rather Lucy give the interview?
A. *Grimaces, sighs and lights a cigarette* Oh, all right. I help around the grounds–usually working on machinery or moving animal cages. I’m an Empath, but I don’t really use it to its full advantage.

Q. What’s that mean exactly?
A. I’ve had some control issues in the past. Depending on strength and skill, Empaths can feel, control, and warp others’ emotions, as well as take them completely for their own, leaving the person more like a shell than a vibrant, emotional being. I do my best not to screw with people anymore.

Q. Gah, okay. How about some happier questions….What’s your favorite act in the show?
A. Hmmm…*grins* Lucy’s.

Q. She doesn’t have an act…
A. …Yet! She will in another few months and I promise she’ll astound. Even if she doesn’t believe it.

Q. Tell us one of the hardest things about being in a traveling circus.
A. I’m not exactly what one would call a team player and I’m a pretty private person, so the fact that there are always tons of people around drives me nuts. Plus, people gossip way too much.

Q. Anything about you we’d be surprised to know?
A. I’m great in bed. No, wait, you said something you’d be surprised to know. *grins* Actually, I’m a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan. “So it goes,” am I right?

Q. What do you do when you’re not preparing for a show?
A. More than likely trying to escape Lucy’s incessant questions and arguments. That girl could argue with a rock and probably win. She just kinda wears you down until you give in.

Q. And finally, who would play you in a movie?
A. That’s easy–that Alexander guy, he’s Swedish, right? I’m from the South but  he plays Eric on that True Blood show. We’re both blond, muscular, and very fun in the shower. Minus the fangs (because no one wants to be a vampire except vampires), of course, but he’s almost as good-looking as me.

Well…I may need to go fan myself off. Arrogant, rudely blunt, yet charming enough to practically “undo a chick’s bra with a wink” as Lucy says, Gabriel is a character I expect to stick around for a while. Happy Thursday friends!