Character Inspiration: Donovan Circus Lookalikes (Gabriel)

We’re still going with the celebrity lookalikes for Donovan Circus characters. You can see other lookalikes at the following links for: Lucy SullivanSheffield DonovanFelix Hardy (Gifted) – Medved (Burned).

Today, however, we’re taking a closer look at Gabriel Knight, the bad boy turned reluctant hero. He’s an Empath, which means he can read other people’s emotions. He’s powerful too, in ways and reasons I won’t go into so that they’re a surprise if you ever want to read the series.

Gabriel also happens to be a love interest for our heroine, Lucy, and he’s that cocky type who makes no secret of going after what he wants. The only problem? He drives Lucy crazy, because his personality is both secretive and smarmy, his sarcasm constantly on the surface. He knows he’s hot and it makes him that much more fun to write. Honestly, Gabriel is one of my favorite characters to write because while I love his personality, his backstory really pushes him in becoming a more well-rounded man. Again, I don’t want to give everything away in case you want to read about him yourself, but there is so much more to him than meets the eye. He is the way he is for particular reasons and while he hasn’t always made the best choices (meaning he can be incredibly selfish), he’s doing what he can to make up for his mistakes.

So, let’s get started!

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring is actually a huge inspiration behind Gabriel’s character. I started writing Gabriel long before I ever watched it, but Jason’s portrayal as Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars is spot on. Much like Logan Echolls, Gabriel comes off as a bit of a jerk, but when you peel back the layers and begin to understand what makes him tick, you grow to love him (at least that’s what my readers tell me!). The chemistry between Veronica and Logan is also inspiration, as the dialogue between them is very much Lucy and Gabriel. He’s arrogant and smarmy, sure, but he’s also more passionate and caring than he ever lets on. 


Luke Mitchell

The moment I saw Luke Mitchell appear on the CW’s The Tomorrow People in his leather jacket and mysterious background, I knew he’d make a great Gabriel. At 28, Luke Mitchell is the perfect age to play him, too. He’s got the look down, with tousled blond hair and just enough scruff to be sexy. I have no doubt he could play arrogant, as he’s definitely got the smartass yet intense personality that comes with being a lone wolf. 

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer definitely looks like Gabriel. I mean, just look at that profile! He’s ridiculously hot, right? There’s a quietness about him that fits with Gabriel’s softer side – in his alone time when he’s avoiding people’s emotions, he tends to take long walks or hide in his camper to read (as opposed to hanging with the boys playing video games).

Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund

I’m cheating a little because I’ve had only 3 choices for each of my previous lookalikes, but the moment I saw this photo of Garrett Hedlund, I knew I had to include him on the Gabriel list. The blue eyes, the shaggy hair, the scruff, the soulful look…yeah. This guy could totally be Gabriel. He’s beautiful! 

So what do you think, any of these guys strike your fancy to play your favorite loner Empath? Or is there someone else tall, blond, and handsome you have in mind?

Gift Glossary – Unique Powers Special to the Gifted World

As promised, I wanted to help any confused readers by handing over a glossary to keep track of the superpowers I’ve used so far in my Gifted world-building. Below is the short, yet ever-continuing list of terms I’ve used for my Gifted world. You’ll be able to refer back to this page any time you visit my blog on the top section of pages so that readers can easily check in for any questions they have or new powers I add as time passes. If you have any suggestions or powers I simply HAVE to add, I’d love to hear them! You can let me know any way that’s best for you (Facebook, Twitter, email, or leave me a comment here) and I’ll consider adding it to the glossary as well as possibly include it in a Gifted world book!

Gift Glossary – Unique Powers Special to the Gifted World

Airspinner: One who controls the air around them; can create wind, blow large gusts of wind using their mouth/breath. Often used with tornados, wind storms, etc.

Collector: A rare gift; beings often hide this information from others as it has a bad reputation. One touch from a Collector can take away an individual’s gift, leaving them a normal human for a period of time. Amount of time holding another’s gift depends on skill level; they may return the gift at any point or it will naturally leave them and return to the owner after time passes, assuming the owner is still alive – if they are dead, the Collector may hang onto it until releasing it for another. Unknown if they can “trade” a gift with another in certain cases. A Collector may only hold one gift at a time.

Doubler: An individual capable of “doubling” themselves; they create a second image that mirrors the person’s every move. Given enough skill, they can control the image to speak or fight on their own movements.

Earthshaker: One who can create earthquakes with a stomp of their foot. Size and damage of quake depends on skill.

Empath: A being who feels other people’s emotions. Must spend several years learning to control it so that they do not confuse other’s emotions with their own. With enough skill, an Empath may learn how to harness their emotions, manipulate and warp them into other feelings. Empaths make good therapists in the real world.

Firestarter: A being that can control fire and is usually impervious to its harm. They appear human; can be hurt otherwise, etc. Each talent has different levels, usually depending on age, practice, etc. Firestarters with enough power are capable of killing lesser Firestarters, though this information is not well-known for obvious reasons.

Types of Firestarters:

1.)  Passive—they can only touch it or pass through it. They cannot create or control. They cannot create, but can use outside sources (such as lighters, campfires, candles, etc); given technique they may control it to a certain degree. Also called Carriers.

2.)  Aggressive—can control and create it using energy and heat from body—most control through palms of hands. Some have “better than others” attitudes. Their tempers are usually the worst and most are wary of this group. It takes many years to control their Gift well, typically into adulthood. Also called Creators.

Influencer: One who uses their eyes or touch to get what they want. They may use this gift on other gifted but is especially powerful on humans. In the wrong hands, a particularly dangerous gift as it destroys free will and commands them to do as the Influencer says.

Runner: One with the ability to run at lightning-fast speeds. Length of speed depends on skill.

Shapeshifter: There are two types of shifters – those who can shift into other humans and those who can shift into animals. No cross-shifting exists. A shifter must touch the object of transformation before they can turn.

Telekinetic: A being who controls an object’s movement with their mind, eyes, or hands. Skills start small and grow to larger object such as buildings or heavy machinery after years of practice.

Telepath: One who hears other’s thoughts. Range and volume depend on skill level. Often times Telepaths retreat to quiet spaces to get away from the noise.

Timekeeper: A being who can control time. Several different levels of this gift. Most may only freeze time (and with it, the people and objects around them); they have the capability to unfreeze certain people while still maintaining an overall freeze.  Others may slow down and speed up time, usually for their own benefit. Lastly, and it is very rare, but some Timekeepers are able to go backwards and forwards in time, though it is not recommended as there is imminent danger in altering history.

Tracker: One who can sense the use of a gift. Depending on skill level, a Tracker may often be able to tell what gift was used, as well as the skill level of the user. Cannot trace to exact user (for example, a Tracker can tell a powerful Firestarter used their gift, but cannot name the culprit or find them as a bloodhound might).

Translator: A being who can speak any language after briefly hearing a few words and cadence from a native speaker (those who choose to live in the human world often become translators for political members or language instructors). Note: Most translators are for human speech, but a select few can speak with animals (these beings make excellent vets, animal trainers, and circus travelers).

Transporter: One who may travel from one place to another in an instant. Distance and the ability to carry others depend on skill level. They must often study their grounds and learn how to get within certain places before moving on, for example going from a spot in the US to a spot in another country.

Unbreakable: A being with the ability to withstand most injuries, as well as have impenetrable skin. Most often they are able to lift certain amounts of large weights (even up to cars, buildings, machinery). People often mistake their strength for immunity; most are immune to pain and sickness, but they can die of old age, as well as other incidents such as drowning, fire, disease, etc (“from the inside out”).

Volter: A being who creates electric blue lightning from their hands. Often used to kill or maim. A rare, dangerous gift not often found amidst the public or human world as it is difficult to hide. History includes a few Volters using their gifts for science or medical fields (such as an EMT bringing a stilled heart back to life). Not much else is known about these beings.

Waterbearer: One who controls water; certain beings can create water from their bare hands, while others must have water nearby to “borrow” for their creations. Can create water orbs or other shapes, as well as large waves with enough skill and practice.