The second book in the Donovan Circus series, Burned, takes place shortly after the end of Gifted. Lucy may have saved the circus, but Felix wreaked havoc outside the grounds. Now Medved, a villain so vicious he can withstand fireballs, has decided to take the reins and finish what Felix started. Will Lucy and the gang be able to save their circus again? Or will Medved expose them to humans and destroy the lives they’ve worked so hard for? (Scroll down for special excerpt.)

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“Tell Sheffield that Medved is hunting him…the Bear is coming.”

Nearly a month after Lucy Sullivan saved the Donovan Circus from certain death, she discovers that Dr. Felix Hardy wasn’t the only bad guy around. When Lucy is attacked on home ground, Sheffield Donovan reveals that there are bigger foes in their world, gifted that use their powers to kill others – including her own family, as she learns from her ringmaster mentor. Medved, a Russian thug and powerful Shapeshifter, is intent on outing the gifted world and will stop at nothing to succeed.

In order to survive, Lucy and her friends must travel to another show, the Grayson Circus, for help. The uneasy alliance with owner Albert Grayson comes with potential new friends and dark secrets about their competition, including a troublemaker named Mel and an old flame of Lucy’s father. Lucy must also contend with her feelings about Keegan and Gabriel, as well as learn how to contain her rampant emotions or risk setting the entire place ablaze.

Will Lucy be able to save the Donovan Circus again? Or will Medved and his men slaughter everyone in their path on the way to gifted domination?

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The next night after the show, I went to check on Bianca’s equipment. Henry liked to steal the tennis balls they used in the show, so I’d volunteered to keep them together and out of the small dog’s grasp. With everything in its proper place, I headed back to my camper.

As I rounded the corner, a shadow jerked, catching my eye. Goosebumps broke out across my skin. I paused mid-stride, cocking my head to listen for footsteps. Silence replied and I chuckled at my scaredy-cat imagination. Old habits were hard to break, I supposed.

I hadn’t even taken two steps when someone ripped out of the darkness and grabbed me, dragged me into the shadows. A hand clamped down over my mouth while the other muscled arm wrapped my arms to my chest, squeezing so hard I thought I felt a rib crack. I stifled my scream and gathered energy under my skin for flames.

“If you even think about lighting that pretty skin on fire, I’ll slit your throat,” a rough male voice said in my ear. His heavy accent sounded Eastern European.

Metal flashed and a cool blade pressed against my collarbone. I fought to bite his hand, stomp on his feet, anything, but his large frame overpowered me. He tightened his hold on me until I stopped fighting. The blade’s jagged teeth bit into my skin until I also rid my body of extra heat.

“What do you want?” I asked under his hand that still smothered half my face.

“Your blood. But first, you will take a message to Sheffield.”

The voice made my knees lock, my feet rooted to their spot. He had that cold-blooded killer tone, flat and uninterested in debates. My eyes flicked to the left and right, searching for other people, but no help came. He paused and I realized he was waiting for me to respond. I nodded, hoping I didn’t wet my pants.

Rough, chapped lips brushed against my ear. “You tell Sheffield that Medved is hunting him. He will have the Firestarter and put the Collector’s head on his wall like a stuffed deer. Tell him. Tell him the Bear is coming.”

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