From USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Long comes a new duology that “…belongs on the shelf with The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series.” 

Perfect for fans of The Darkest Minds, Divergent, and The Gender Game, The Blood King and The Golden City, the second book in the duology, will not disappoint! Learn more about The Brighton Duology (and read a special excerpt) here.

Brighton Duology FB Cover

Comic book and superhero fans will enjoy this Young Adult superhero trilogy, Heroes of Arcania. Meet the #HoA and learn more about the gifted teen superheroes attempting to save their city from its impending demise thanks to a criminal madman.


Run away with me to the Donovan Circus, where the acrobats float above the wire, the fat lady can deflate herself, and the drama isn’t even in the center ring.

Like unique fantasy with murder, adventure, and mystery? How about GIFTED, where you meet a Firestarter who rejoins the supernatural circus, only to be accused of murder? Her journey continues in BURNED as she meets new friends and enemies along the way at a competing circus. And everything will change in HUNTED when Lucy loses someone she loves and her morality is questioned. In IGNITED, our gang must recover from their loss, while Lucy must finally become who she’s destined to truly be. And don’t miss the big finale in TORCHED, when the military comes for Lucy and her friends, pitting gifted against humans in the ultimate showdown.

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Witch Hearts book coverWITCH HEARTS

How does a witch stay safe if a killer can get through her protection spells?

Or if you’re into something a little scarier, try adult paranormal thriller WITCH HEARTS. Described as “Criminal Minds” meets “Charmed” you’ll follow Ruby as she deals with her best friend’s death and the serial killer who now has eyes for her. (Click on cover to see more.)


Looking for a unique spin on Reapers? In A REAPER MADE, Grace is a Reaper who used to be human. She’s finally getting the hang of helping souls – until her mentor discovers someone (or something) is kidnapping Reapers and souls for their own dark plans. Grace will have to use magic to become temporarily human in order to save her sister. (Click on cover to see more.)

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