Cover Reveal: The Brighton Duology by Liz Long

In case you missed it on my Facebook page, I finally shared the covers for my upcoming YA dystopian series (I’d been sitting on these babies for months and basically couldn’t handle my impatience any longer). THE BRIGHTON DUOLOGY is comprised of two books, The Blood King (out this spring) and The Golden City (out this fall). Aren’t they gorgeous? I am so in love with how they turned out and believe they’re a terrific representation of the stories inside.

Special thanks to Molly Phipps of We Got You Covered Book Design and her brilliant translation of my awkward thoughts into stunning covers. THE BRIGHTON DUOLOGY will be available in ebook and paperback, and more info with purchase links and official release dates coming soon.

The Blood King, coming Spring 2018.


In the kingdom of Brighton, a President-turned-King offers poor teens the chance to join KEY, the King’s Education for Youth. Seventeen-year-old Reina Torres jumps at the chance to be of service to her country, wanting to learn more about Brighton’s history and future through the Media industry. The King himself takes an interest in Reina, offering private interviews; he soon commands her to marry his cruel son. Reina, however, cannot ignore her growing feelings for Iris, a fellow KEY student, despite knowing the laws. Reina discovers refusal means punishment much worse than death, and why King Magnus hasn’t aged in decades, thanks to his KEY program.

Links and more coming soon.

The Golden City, the sequel to The Blood King, coming Fall 2018.

Synopsis, links and more coming soon.

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