Cover Reveal: 4-EVER HUNTED by Kasi Blake

Cover Reveal: 4-Ever Hunted 

Born with dark magic flowing through his veins that is slowly killing him… Trick enjoys a reckless lifestyle.
He rides his motorcycle too fast, plays rock music when battling vampires, and has a talent for making girls mad, especially Dani Foster. The girl next door has caught all of his most-embarrassing moments.

She wants nothing to do with him. So he watches out for her from afar, protects
her from the monsters she doesn’t know exist.
Two strangers offer a solution. He can beat fate by becoming the thing he hates most, a vampire. Trick is sure he’d rather die. But then Dani begins to look at him in a way that makes his heart race. She brings hope into his life.
Can he do it? Can he become the thing he fears for the promise of love?

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Kasi Blake

Bio: Kasi Blake learned how to read before she even started to
school, and she’s had a book in her hand ever since. Becoming a writer seemed
to be the next logical step. She loves books, but her biggest obsession is the
show Supernatural. If you speak to her for more than ten minutes, she will turn
you into a Supernatural junkie. Her other interests include nail painting,
yoga, shopping, and chocolate. She lives on a farm with a dog, two cats, too
many cows to count, chickens, and some ducks.

You can find her here:


Facebook Group


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