An Indie Author’s Motto: HUSTLE


I’m very excited to be speaking at the Virginia Writers Club 2017 Symposium this August! Prolific writer Jane Friedman is the keynote speaker, and I can’t wait to meet her. My topic? As if it’ll come as any surprise to you: Beating the Self-Publishing Stigma. It’s a topic close to my heart (as seen many times on my blog, such as here) and I’m always excited to introduce the idea to hardworking new writers and/or reinforce the option as a substantial career move if you work hard enough.

While I’m working on the hand out for attendees, it got me thinking about how hard so many of us work to get where we are or want to be. So, while it’s certainly not a new concept, I give you my new motto for writers:


Honor the process of research, rewrites, edits, cover design and marketing so that you stand above those who don’t.

Understand your genre’s market reader demographics so you can market to them and actually, you know, make sales.

See what others are doing in the market to up your own game and make your work the best it can possibly be.

Test everything – genres, POV, keywords, categories, blurbs, to see what works for you and readers.

Love what you do – readers will see if it’s not your passion!

Enjoy your hard work once in a while (mine’s dessert or prosecco)!

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