10 Things to Know About the #HoA Trilogy

Now that the entire Heroes of Arcania trilogy is out, I thought it might be fun to share a list of fun facts with you guys!

10 Facts HoA Blog

  1. Arcania is modeled after my city of Roanoke, VA. While Roanoke is obviously smaller (and much cleaner) than Arcania, I modeled many of the city maps and streets after it. Locals will definitely recognize a few locations such as the Grandin neighborhood, Patrick Henry High School, and Franklin and Williamson Roads.IMG_1464
  2. Cole surprised me by being the romantic one of the Nova/Cole duo. The teen boy being the sweetheart? Guess he showed me, huh?HoA2 Teaser Nova Cole Love
  3. Pop’s, the ice cream shop the trio frequents in Book 1, is a real place. In fact, my neighbors own a killer soda shop of the same name! The s’mores sundae is my fav. I even put Anna, the co-owner, in Book 1 as she talks with the other characters. IMG_1457
  4. If you read closely, there are a couple Donovan Circus Easter eggs. *wink wink* (One egg: In HoA2, Nova asks Cole if they know of any outside help to fight Fortune. Cole recalls his dad is friends with a certain ringmaster, though “he’s got a circus–literally and figuratively–keeping him busy.”)
  5. Nova’s house is the same layout as my brother’s, where I stayed for a summer during a college internship. I stayed in the downstairs basement/bedroom area that Nova stakes claim on in HoA1.
  6. The same bank from the opening scene of HoA1 that Fortune robs, is actually based off a well-known bank in downtown Roanoke. I used to work in retail, and would make deposits there, familiar with the foyer where Fortune takes Starling’s life. Last spring, that bank was robbed at gunpoint. (I’m not entirely sure someone wasn’t secretly marketing for me. JUST KIDDING, RCPD.)IMG_1490
  7. A deleted scene from earlier drafts included a scene explaining that Nova’s dad is an astronomy nut (hence the play on her name and the planetarium tie-in). When her little sister Starling was born, Nova’s dad said, “Our little star” right as Nova’s mother said, “Our darling.” Thus, the name Starling.
  8. Probably not a surprise to anyone, but I watched A LOT of superhero movies and TV shows for inspiration. (The Dark Knight, Arrow, Flash, Daredevil and Jessica Jones come to mind immediately – can we just get #HoA a CW show already?)
  9. Penelope, Cole’s little sister, threw me for a real loop. I do rough outlines of characters and tend to let them tell me their story as we get into the novels. She pretty much refused to tell me her deal–until Book 3. Finally then, I got to understand her better. And to be honest, as a 16-year-old girl with a volatile and powerful gift, she is far more complicated than I ever anticipated. It’s no wonder she’s basically toeing the line of good and evil. She’s still a little bit of a mystery even after all this time with her! PenelopeFriend
  10. You already know I wrote SuperNova like 4 years ago; the original draft was told only from Nova’s POV in 3rd person. The moment I swapped out for 1st POV and adding Cole, it was like everything simply fell into place and I couldn’t write fast enough!

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