Get a FREE copy of GIFTED Today!

Morning friends!
I don’t know about you, but I’m having a case of the winter blues. It’s mid-February, really freaking cold, and I’m ready for summer sunshine. I’m hard at work on my upcoming YA superhero trilogy, but I thought maybe you could use a pick-me-up too. I’m giving you an e-copy of GIFTED, free for your Kindle! (Did you know the Kindle app for your phone or tablet is also free? What a bargain!)

I’d love for you to grab your copy today. GIFTED is only free through the 22nd, so be sure to pick up the freebie before it’s back to the regular price.


If you already have a copy (or even if you don’t), please feel free to share this with friends so they can run away to the circus, too! We’ll get through winter together and soon I’ll have news to share with you about the upcoming HEROES OF ARCANIA! 🙂



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