Want to See the Cover of IGNITED Before Anyone Else?

Just a couple of announcements today. Your tips and pep talks will be back on schedule ASAP. 🙂 Hello to all my new blog followers and thanks so much for joining me as we delve into the publishing journey!

Great news! IGNITED (Book 4 in the Donovan Circus series) has an official cover reveal and release date. If you’ve been impatiently waiting for the fourth installment, I encourage you to mark your calendars for OCTOBER 29th. For some reason, I really dig late fall/Halloween book releases 😉 Lucy and the gang will be back with their new adventures, and the book will be available for your Kindle.

So, want to know how you can see the cover for IGNITED, A DONOVAN CIRCUS NOVEL before anyone else? The catch is that requires your assistance to help us circulate it around the interwebs, but I promise it’s as easy as pie. (Mmm…pie.)

Mark My Words Book Publicity is hosting my cover reveal on SEPTEMBER 24th. We’re looking for interested readers, writers, and bloggers who would like to participate in showing off the new cover to their readers and friends.

Even if you haven’t read my books, that’s totally okay and you’re still more than welcome to participate. It’s all about showing off what’s sure to be another gorgeous cover thanks to my designer Kelly Walker of Indie-Spired Design!

In case you’d like to see the cover before anyone else and/or help spread the good word, you can sign up for the reveal here. This means that when you sign up, my team will send you the materials to post on your blog and/or share online that day.


I truly appreciate your help!! Talk to you guys soon. xoxo

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