Big News: Announcing Blue Fire Consulting

It’s no secret I’ve been busy working on a few projects. From the successful first annual Roanoke Author Invasion to promoting this year’s UtopYA Con and everything in between (full time job, writing a new book, and going to the bar because of said projects), I appreciate your patience as I finally get to announce the New Big Thing.

I figured it’s time to make it official! This month, I created Blue Fire Media, LLC. It’s the parent company under which all my ventures will be, including books, events like the Roanoke Author Invasion, and Blue Fire Consulting.

BlueFireLogo-Consulting-smallIn a nutshell, Blue Fire Consulting is my one-woman show helping small businesses take charge of their social media marketing. Whether people are starting completely from scratch, need a little direction with their current plans, or simply don’t have the time and would like to hand it off completely, I can help.

Packages include a little bit of everything – cover images, photography of products or staff, blog content, and of course social media posts. I’m lucky to know many people who are excited about this idea and I can’t wait to get started. In fact, I’ve got a huge partnership coming up that I’m excited to discuss when I can make it public 🙂

No worries, my readers – I’ll still be updating this website here with book stuff: promos, cover reveals, writing tips, author pep talks, and everything else you’ve grown accustomed to expect from me. BFC focuses primarily on local small businesses in the Roanoke area, so while some of the basics can of course be applied to you, I won’t be speaking directly to authors over there. I mostly just wanted to announce the good news with you and hope you’ll forgive my quiet state lately as I get my ish together!

Thank you for all your support – I could not do this without great people around me! For more information, you can check out the Blue Fire Consulting website here or be a real doll and “Like” the new Facebook page! 🙂

Facebook Cover 1

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