Milestone Birthdays: Getting Your Ish Together

My 30th birthday dessert from my friends at Local Roots.

 A week ago, I turned 30. I wasn’t expecting a lot of hoopla, and in the end it was a perfect birthday (shopping with mom, drinks with friends, relaxing on the couch with JLo and Fisher). However, the milestone got me thinking about things, both in what I’ve achieved so far and what I’d like to pursue in the near future. I also think that the turn of a season – especially spring, where everything feels fresh and new again – added to the process. 

I’m excited about the prospects of the coming year. I’m proud of the goals I’ve managed to accomplish. I feel that with 30, it’s time to get even more serious than I already am about my future. The milestone essentially tricks my brain into thinking I have a fresh start – an entirely new year ahead of me to try new things, whether I fail or succeed. 

It’s my own personal version of spring cleaning (though I’m doing plenty of that as we go, too). I won’t go into specifics just yet, but new endeavors are always exciting. I’ve never been the type to remain stagnant; there’s always a new project on the horizon. My to do list is longer than ever, but it doesn’t worry me. I think I’m one of those weirdos who actually wants to work all the time – just like my mom! I’ve held a job in one form or another since I was around 12 (no joke – I used to work the registers at my dad’s auctions) so I’m not even sure I’d know what to do with only one job/40 hours a week. (Though trust me when I say I make plenty of couch time for myself.) 

Many people get down on birthdays, like it’s bad they’re getting older. As my husband puts it, “it beats the alternative.” If you’re the type of person who loves making resolutions on New Year’s, maybe a birthday or new season is a good way to look at it too. Haven’t done something you’ve always wanted to do yet? It’s fear that holds us back – but the thing is, even if you do fail, you can say you gave it your best. You won’t regret not trying. You can tweak until you DO succeed if you’re determined enough. Make it a goal to at least try it and see what happens before your next birthday. 

Or better yet, quit waiting around for things to happen. I’m a firm believer in going after what you want – you don’t really expect the universe to reward you without a solid effort, do you? 

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