Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive: HUNTED Cover Reveal

I totally admit to catching my breath when I first opened the image of the cover for HUNTED. My cover designer, the easygoing Kate of Dwell Design & Press, did such a fabulous job. Not only is she great to work with, but she’s timely and listens to her client. I only had a vague idea of how I’d like the cover to go; after a couple drafts, she’d nailed what I wanted. It’s vibrant and metaphorical and even a little worrisome. At least, that’s how I hope others will see it.

In any case, I’ll be revealing the cover on February 10th, which is right around the corner. That being said, because it’s been proven time and time again I lack patience, I have a special treat just for my newsletter subscribers. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be all prepped to receive the first look at the cover of HUNTED when I email it just to my newsletter friends on February 3rd (so sign up before then!). You’ll see the cover a full week before anyone else, and here’s hoping you’ll be excited about it 🙂 Here’s the easy sign up – I thank you for your support and will never spam you.


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