SAVE THE NIGHT: Help Courtney Cole with her book, NOCTE


Guys, I need your help – or rather, my friend Courtney Cole does. She is one of my first true author friends – those of you who have read GIFTED know I wrote the dedication to her. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think GIFTED would’ve ever become what it is, because she tirelessly answered my questions, coddled my anxiety, and helped me through the entire process. She’s an amazing person and writer who somehow magically makes time for everything and everyone.

If you’ve been interested in reading her latest book NOCTE, now’s the time to help her out. She’s had some author bullying going on, and while we won’t go into details because ain’t nobody got time for that drama, maybe we can help her out and fight back.

If you’re able to tweet about this, you can copy this message here with the Amazon link:

Please help Courtney Cole SAVE THE NIGHT!  Her book NOCTE was pulled from Amazon, but it’s back today! Let’s un-do the damage and SAVE THE NIGHT!  Buy NOCTE today, and enter the Rafflectopter to WIN! The Amazon link is:

The rafflecopter is for anyone who sends their purchase receipts to or shares my blog post.  Winner gets a signed NOCTE paperback and a St. Michael’s medallion (like Finn’s).  Open internationally.  The Rafflecopter link is:

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