Get It Together: Your Amazon Author Page

Let’s talk about a great marketing tool that’s right at your fingertips: your Amazon author page. 

There are several ways to enhance your Amazon author page. Let’s also go ahead and assume you’re going to use these same techniques for a Barnes & Noble author page – in any case, you need to be sure you’re using every tool you have available to ensure your readers can not only find your books, but find your other stuff too. Along with your website, your author page is one of the few places that readers can see ALL your stuff in one place.

Not only does the author page showcase your titles (including ebook and paperback, plus audio if you have it), you can display your other marketing weapons. Your bio, social media pages, Twitter and blog updates and video book trailers if you have them (let’s assume you do). You can also encourage folks to “Like” your Amazon page, just like they would with Facebook.

One of the best parts of the author page is that readers can sign up to be notified when you have a new release. This is great because it’s a built in resource – not only do you have a potential customer, but it might be one that isn’t on your newsletter list or hasn’t kept up with you on other forms of social media. Amazon takes care of it for you with a quick email to them. Pretty savvy, no?

I also really like the “Customers Also Bought Items By” because readers who land on your author page can see authors with similar titles. Not only could YOU, the author, visit those author pages to see their work and read customer reviews (i.e., find a potential list of reviewers for your own title due to similar interests), but your name can be listed in other author pages, too. It’s another way for readers to find you if they’re perusing for reads that they think they’ll enjoy. I mean, they enjoyed AUTHOR X, so why not try out one of your books if they’re in the same field?

Even if you’re still building your book list and/or only have one title, Amazon is going to give you this author page for your own use. Why not make it as informative as possible? It’s surprising how many authors don’t use this page as a marketing tool – if you’re not, I highly recommend you go ahead and build it. It’s another free resource that will only enhance your online author presence.

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