Author “Swag” – Goodies, Giveaways, and More at Your Signings

I hate the term “swag” so bear with me here. I wanted to show off a couple little things that I’ve added to my list of goodies for upcoming signings. I also wanted curious authors to see my signing table as this is what it’ll typically look like. While you should of course figure out what works for you, I know this table is: easy for me to set up, inexpensive to maintain, and looks super cute with my circus theme (I’m biased, so sue me). A lot of authors also have banners and cover boards, which is great and adds a lot of flavor to your area. I’m a big fan and we use those for work all the time. I’m working on a tight budget however, so for now, this setup will do me just fine.

Liz Long Book Signing Table

Book Signing Table (taken at Viva La Cupcake, April 2014)

You can see I have my little goodies strewn about for those who wander by, but that’s not even the most important part of the table. I’ve also included a fun carnival sign in addition to my velvety black table fabric; displayed my books for passersby to see; a fun top hat for good measure; price sheet for interested readers; and – here’s the big one – a newsletter signup sheet that anyone can sign up for so that I may contact them later.

In addition to the fun little stuff you could take home, I also had business cards, rack cards that double as bookmarks, and a bucket full of peanuts that you can snack on while we chat! Each book buyer also gets a free custom tote bag (see photo below). Also, for those of you wondering how to accept payment, I use both cash and the Square app that allows me to accept readers’ credit cards. Super handy and convenient, and vital in this day and age (because I know I rarely carry cash on me). I also offer a $25 gift card to one random book buyer – another great way to get them to sign up for your newsletter.

My items were obviously mustache-themed (to go with Sheffield Donovan’s ringmaster ‘stache).

  • Pencils
  • Keychains
  • Straws
  • Nail files
  • Mints (both mustache wrapper ones and red-and-white-striped)
  • Temporary tattoos (probably my favorite of the bunch!)

What items do you have on your table or would like to try out at your future book signings? Or as a fan, what are some unique items from authors that you simply loved – or maybe you have ideas of what to hand out to readers because you’d love it yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Liz Long Business Card

Front of business card

Liz Long Business Card

Back of business card


Liz Long rack card

Side 1 of rack card

Liz Long rack card

Side 2 of rack card

Liz Long tote bag

Super fun tote bag with covers and contact info. I have a limited # of these, so only book buyers get one. 

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