It’s About to Get Personal (bridebook)

So the bad news is that I’m behind on my two current novels, but today I’d like to let you know what’s been taking up so much of my time. I’m incredibly proud to show you the second issue of bridebook magazine.

My publishing company produces several magazines; while I’m incredibly proud of all of them, this new one is sort of like a book baby. Much like the accomplished feeling when I release a new book, I’m so excited about putting this hard work into print. It helps that two of my coworkers have grown to also be two of my closest friends, so it’s especially close to my heart. Not only did we put out the brand new, 148 page book, we just threw a huge party to celebrate, complete with cover reveal, food, prizes, the whole shebang. I’m glad to say it was an overwhelming success and now I can refocus my time back on writing. All the same, being a part of bridebook is an incredible experience. I would’ve laughed at you ten years ago if you told me my career was this awesome.

Back to bridebook – this wedding resource guide is unlike any other, as the content is chock full of real brides, local Virginia vendors, and is so pretty you just can’t help but look at it. If you know of any brides to be getting married in Virginia, please encourage them to flip through an issue. Not only are there helpful articles like my pieces on reception food trends and best necklaces to go with bridal necklines, but the bulk of the book has real brides. They all submit their weddings and we write up their love story, list all their local vendors, and inspire brides with their lovely photos. I also manage the website and social pages, so I especially would love for them to “Like” our Facebook page and see all sorts of fun things we share. Our website has video of best buff arm exercises, Q&A with our cover girl, and other stuff like a wedding checklist and guest posts. Here is our 2014 cover (photo by Tara Lilly Photography)!!

bridebook 2014 cover

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