More Super Fun Facts About Me

Today I thought I’d share some more fun facts about me. You guys seemed to dig my first “Embarrassing Things about Me” post (and that bubblegum photo gets more hits than I can even bother to understand – you guys google the weirdest things) and I love connecting with you on a more personal level. I DO request, however, that once you read this post, you comment below and tell me one weird thing about yourself (because if I have to put myself out there, the least you can do is comfort me in the fact I’m not alone in the aisle of crazy).

Giant box of Hot Tamales candy

Hand there for size comparison. Holy Hot Tamales!

1. My favorite candy is Hot Tamales. My older brother Chip got me hooked on them. When I was a kid, he’d come home to visit (he’s several years older than me); he’d always drive late into the night, so to keep himself awake, he’d down a box of Hot Tamales. His mouth on fire = wide awake and raring to get home! Growing up, if Chip loved it, I loved it, and I still think of him every time I eat them. And when I saw this gigantic box of Hot Tamales (down at The Candy Store in downtown Roanoke), I almost peed my pants. If I had $26 to spare, it’d be mine.

2. I tend to break the writer on caffeine stereotype: I don’t drink that much coffee (or need it to function). I do, however, need chocolate to survive. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Liz Long

Typical Liz Long face.

3. I have a very expressive face that’s going to give me early wrinkles (and I’m okay with it because at least it shows I’m not boring. Or that I laugh a lot. Whatever, I need to pretend I’m not getting older.) I can lift my eyebrows in that Spock way (Gifted fans might get a giggle from that) and can rarely keep a straight face. This photo to the right is my typical face at public functions. I like to think it’s enthusiasm, but understand that it more or less borders on “that chick looks cray.”

4. This goes along with that photo – I hate my chin. My siblings and I all have the same chin from our father’s side and I’m convinced that with green face paint, I’d be mistaken for the Wicked Witch of the West with that chin. (Side note: My maiden name is the super Irish surname of Chenery. Kids in school used to sing it like that Mary Poppins song: “Chen-chenery, chen-chenery, chen chen cha-roo…” I used to think they were making fun of my chin.)

5. I watch “Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement” EVERY TIME it’s on TV (and sometimes I put my DVD in when I simply need a cute, feel good movie). There’s something about the movie that blends the Disney feel in perfectly to make it a real life cartoon; I love Anne Hathaway and how adorable she is with Julie Andrews; and I adore Chris Pine, even with his big hair and barely there fake accent (Disney or Star Trek universe, that man is downright dreamy). Plus you’re lying if you’ve never wanted to be whisked away to your own private palace as the new princess.

So don’t leave me hanging – what are some of your weird things?

3 thoughts on “More Super Fun Facts About Me

  1. Suzy Turner says:

    LOL what a fantastic post, Liz!! I missed your first post with bubble gum pic… I’m going to check it out after I post this comment 🙂
    My hubby would love those hot tamales candies… I shall have to tell him about them. Pity you can’t get them over here!
    So, a fun fact about me? Hm erm…. I have a belly button piercing (!) and when I had it done, my friend (who’d had one done weeks before) told me it wouldn’t hurt because the guy would use an anaesthetic spray. Unbeknown to me, that spray had been made illegal shortly before my visit. Needless to say, it hurt like hell!! xx

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