Character Inspiration: Donovan Circus Lookalikes (Medved)

Because I’m doing this celebrity lookalike feature, I decided to extend it a little farther. Obviously I want to showcase everyone, so I’ll be keeping it up next week with more characters. Since I’ve highlighted two of the main characters – Lucy Sullivan and Sheffield Donovan – I thought I’d list my third VIP character from BURNED. Today I want to give you a better look at Medved.

angry bear

That’s right – Medved, the new Big Bad. As per the synopsis, he’s a Russian thug and powerful Shapeshifter. His preferred shape is a large, vicious bear. And here’s your fun fact of the day: Medved means “Bear” in Russian. Did I just blow your mind? I hope so.

In any case, Medved is a different villain from the one in GIFTED. He’s an attack first, ask questions later type of guy, flattening obstacles in his path rather than going around them. Medved does not empathize and rather enjoys the destruction of battle. He wants a war of gifted versus humans and fully believes in his superiority.

So now that you have a better idea of the villain from BURNED, let’s see who I’ve picked as celebrity lookalikes.

Gerard Butler in 300

Gerard Butler in 300

I have no idea how I came about it, but when I saw this photo of Gerard Butler, I immediately associated him with my bad guy. Medved is totally buff, thanks to all the hard years of prison, battles, and general mayhem. Butler’s dark hair and beard are important, though Medved’s facial hair is a little unrulier. The battle wounds are also a big plus. 

Rory McCann in Alexander

Rory McCann in Alexander

Rory McCann AKA THE MOTHERFREAKING HOUND on Game of Thrones, is also a contender. He’s a total beast, hulking over everyone with all his muscles. This photo of him from Alexander, however, is a great depiction with that thick beard and hair. Plus I know from GOT that this guy could play crazy and violent. He does is all seasons long in the hit HBO series. 

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

Now OBVIOUSLY Joe Manganiello is far too pretty to be Medved as is. He’d need a few more scars and a few less showers, but all the same, I know thanks to True Blood that this guy can play rage. The growling, the hardened body, the wild eyes – I think he’d be a great villain!

So there you go, insight to the new villain of BURNED and some fun celeb matches 🙂 We’ll take another look at some more friends (and maybe another villain) next week! Be sure to see more inspiration on my Donovan Circus Pinterest board!

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