New Gifts from BURNED Listed in the Gifted Glossary!

I’ve got a surprise for you all today! If you’ve visited my Gifted Glossary, you know that this is a list composed of individual gifts we’ve met so far in the Donovan Circus world. From Firestarters like Lucy to Empaths, Runners, and Transporters, this list should help with any questions you may have about the gifts used in the series. BUT, it’s time to introduce you to a few more!

In anticipation of BURNED’s release, I wanted to share a few new gifts that you’ll be seeing in the second adventure. There are of course the usual suspects like Shapeshifters and Telepaths, but what do you think comes with a gift like a Manipulator, Chameleon, or Translator? Find out and get a taste of what’s to come!

As always, there’s a catch – the new terms are already listed in alphabetical order within the gifts you’ve already met. So you’ll have to be familiar with the ones you know in order to see the new ones! (I promise it’s not as tough as it sounds – I mean, I’ve already listed 3 for you to get started!)

Go visit the GIFTED GLOSSARY now to learn more gifts and see what’s in store for Lucy and the Donovan gang in the second adventure, BURNED, coming soon!


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