Roanoke Writers Series: How to Publish Your E-Book

I had a writer’s high last week, thanks to teaching a free course Wednesday night on how to publish your e-book. It was a small class with great questions and it was incredibly humbling to be able to help other writers on the journey to their own published books. (For more info on the free writers’ series, you can visit the blog here.)

Becky Mushko led the first half of the conversation by explaining the Kindle and walked readers through the process of how she published (both as self-published and vanity press published). I dove into the Nook as well as key points to remember to include when publishing your e-book, such as the importance of keywords and categories, how to dress up your author bio and back cover blurb, and why self-publishing doesn’t have quite the stigma it used to.

Please feel free to go read my guest post on 3 tips to publishing your own e-book (including hiring an editor, a cover designer, and lots of promotion) here: Tips on Posting Your Own E-Book


No idea what I’m doing here. Possibly telling someone, “No, please do not publish your ebook without an editor first.”

Now I can’t wait to lead my social media marketing workshop at the conference in January! Marketing your e-book is a separate beast, so we didn’t want to delve too much into it. Luckily, it sounds like I enticed plenty of them to attend in January 😉

Live in the Roanoke area and want to learn more about e-books and marketing your hard work? Consider attending the Roanoke Regional Writer’s Conference at Hollins University in January to meet other writers (including award-winning authors) as well as take my social media marketing workshop that Saturday! (You can see the conference’s Facebook page here for more info.)

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