The 2nd Donovan Circus Adventure: Book Title Reveal

Hello friends! I’m thrilled to announce that this past weekend, I wrapped up the first draft of the second Donovan Circus book. It is in my editor’s hands!! My amazing friend and beta reader Ginny gave it a read and is already harrassing (er, I mean motivating) me for the third installment.

Because I’m so excited about this draft being done and the fact that I made my own self-imposed deadline (seriously, that never happens), I wanted to reveal the new book title to my readers!

BURNED, a Donovan Circus Novel

In Lucy’s second adventure with Sheffield and her friends, there’s a lot more at stake. After an attack, the gang takes a road trip to visit another circus; Lucy must make a choice between Keegan and Gabriel; new characters are introduced; and the big, bad villain is more vicious than Felix could ever be.

I’m so excited to get the book out – I think you’re going to have a lot of fun with it! And now that I’ve finished that story, I’m ready to dive into another story – no time to rest, what are you, nuts? – that will be another NA title with a unique spin on Reapers.

I hope you’re all having a terrific week! I’m off to road trip it to see my BFF (and cover designer) at the beach so we can celebrate her recent marriage…and probably begin to create the cover for BURNED 🙂

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