Parajunkee Tours: Indie Summer Blog Tour


I am so happy to be part of Parajunkee’s Indie Summer blog tour today! Let’s jump right in. You can find my interviews, plus excerpts, at these two fantastic blogs today! Go over and say hello, read about some of my favorite things (TV, food, the best part of writing), and enter to win not just a copy of my book, but a Kindle Fire filled to the brim with great reads!

Mom With A Kindle
The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club  

This blog tour also has a scavenger hunt for when you go enter for the Kindle Fire. Today, we’re going on a world tour! Now, if I could go anywhere in the world, I think I’d drag my husband to Auckland, New Zealand and tour around there for a week or six. Maybe there aren’t hobbits galore and the locals might say differently, but every time I see a photo of New Zealand, I die a little for its beauty. Plus, um, I really love Brett and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords and I’d probably walk around asking everyone if they really hated Australians as much as the guys in the show did. 🙂

Since we’re promoting WITCH HEARTS, I wanted to talk about Ruby and Cooper, and where they would go after the chaos died down. While I can’t give away the ending, I will say that in the story, there are jokes about taking a trip.

Ruby would initially want to go to Paris, but I just don’t see Cooper blending in well with the locals. Nothing against the French, but he’s all about surf and sun. They’re both very smart financially and I think both of them would agree they’d rather take a longer vacation in a closer location than a shorter one in an exotic place. So I think Ruby and Cooper would go to someplace like Honolulu, where there’s fresh seafood everyday, sun and sand where Ruby can relax and read and Cooper can surf, and plenty of gorgeous sunsets and things to do to keep them entertained. Sounds simple, but that’s their personalities 🙂 Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me, too!!

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