Indie-Credible Authors: Bloggers Needed!


Looking to help out some indie authors or talk about great books? You’re in luck! In September, two (crazy) bloggers are hosting a month long celebration of Independent Authors and it’s time for bloggers to sign up and help out! Each author on this list needs the support of a blogger who has read (and enjoyed) at least one of their books.

Get involved by hosting them on your blog! You can visit Little Read Riding Hood or Creative Deeds Reads and sign up. Great promotion for an author you love plus awesome exposure for your blog!


2 thoughts on “Indie-Credible Authors: Bloggers Needed!

  1. Allen Watson says:

    While i haven’t heard of any of the above authors, I would love to help out. Are any of them science fiction authors? My blog focuses on indie issues and science fiction.

    • LizLong says:

      The authors listed all write a little bit of everything – while I don’t know them all personally, it’s probably safe to say that at least one writes SF! 🙂 You can visit the Indie-Credible website and specify that you’d want SF and they might be able to hook you up. Great offer, thanks for the generosity!!

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