Special Post from Indie Author KC Blake

A few weeks ago, the YA Author Club featured a post on indie author KC Blake with her bio and book synopsis for her newest title, BAIT. Today I’m hosting KC on my blog – she is so much fun to talk to and for the fans on here, she’s like, the biggest Supernatural fan I’ve ever met. (Her Dean pins on her Pinterest board are my favorite.)

Order of the Spirit Realm bait

It begins with Van Helsing’s daughter Bay-Lee, a girl on the run from monsters.  After years of hiding under assumed names in a disturbing sort of Witness Protection Program, Bay-Lee is finally allowed into her father’s school, a private training ground for hunters.  You see, Bay-Lee has a three step plan.  She is going to work hard to become a great hunter, kill the werewolf pack responsible for murdering her mother, and then buy a boat to sail around the world on her own.  The last thing she wants or needs is to fall in love… and isn’t that when it always happens?

She has a lot in common with Nick Gallos, although he would die before admitting it.  He’s been living under an alias too, playing a famous rock star for the oblivious masses while slaying vampires in his spare time.  Because of a twisted prophecy Nick hates the sight of her.  He only offers to mentor her to get even with Van Helsing for taking his alter-ego away.  He has no intention of doing the job, but Bay-Lee isn’t going to let him off the hook so easily.

The Order of the Spirit Realm series will consist of four books: Bait, Hunter, Warrior, and Legend.  The titles reflect the assorted ranks available.  New students start off as Bait because, in the words of the hunter presiding over Orientation, they aren’t good for anything other than bait to be used to lure monsters to their deaths.  Hunter is the second book and the next rank up.  It will be available at the end of October.

What can you expect from an Order of the Spirit Realm novel?  Paranormal romance, action, drama, and a bit of humor.  A variety of creatures including wraiths, reapers, and border monsters will keep the hunters (and you) on their toes.  Don’t miss out.  Be the first of your friends to discover a new world.

Amazon link for Bait: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CJ182E4
Smashwords link for Bait: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/252449
Bait on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17858622-bait
My blog: http://kasi-kcblake.blogspot.com
K.C. Blake Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/K-C-Blakes-Author-Page/246146215412824
Twitter: @kasiblake

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