Book Release Party for WITCH HEARTS at Viva La Cupcake (Recap)


Photo by Angie Barrett

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this sooner! I had my first book release party on June 1 down in Grandin Village at the famous Roanoke staple, Viva La Cupcake (I don’t care what you say. Cupcakes are a staple and hers are worth every damn calorie). We had SO much fun! We were there from 1-3pm and I was so lucky to have so many people come out, including a few strangers who stopped by for a cupcake, got intrigued by my table, and left with a book! I managed to sell out of all paperback copies of WITCH HEARTS by only 1.30! I was shocked and overwhelmed by my incredibly supportive friends and extended family.

Pennie, the owner of Viva La Cupcake, did my wedding cupcakes for me and we’ve been friends ever since. I am so grateful to her for hosting me that Saturday afternoon and can’t wait to have another party there in the future. She even did theme cupcakes for me! She made Cotton Candy cupcakes for GIFTED (for the circus of course) and Cosmopolitan cupcakes for WITCH HEARTS (vodka cranberries are Courtney’s favorite drink), both of which were ridiculously good (I may or may not have devoured a s’mores cupcake later that evening).


My table setup with Amazon gift card entry, cupcakes, postcards, and books! I need a top hat for a table prop.

Luckily, my good friend Angie (of foodie fame Big Bear’s Wife) drove the 2 hours up to hang out with me for the afternoon! She took a bunch of photos and got to try some of Pennie’s famous cupcakes. You can read her full blog article here – plus see some ridiculously tasty-looking cupcakes. Try not to drool on your keyboards.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and those who sent me love via Twitter and FB if they couldn’t make it. I’m one lucky author! I can’t wait to have another book release party and enjoy an afternoon like that one. It was the perfect day!

Also, if you live in Roanoke and are interested in a paperback copy of either of my books, I’m proud to say they are now being carried at B&D Comics on Elm Ave. The owner, an amazing local owner who I’m told can answer literally any comic book-related question, was kind enough to want to sell them in her shop and I think I swooned when a friend (whose fiancee works there) told me. I am so thankful to be in such a cool location! GIFTED is perfect for a comic book shop, so if you’re interested in an X-Men meets the circus story, go grab a copy today!


Photo by Angie Barrett

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