Marketing Tip: Writing Your Author Press Release

Today I wanted to share a press release I wrote for the release of WITCH HEARTS. I’ve edited it to also includes my signing on June 1st.

Press releases aren’t hard to put together, though it’s tough to get them picked up by local media. I tried to spin it in a unique way – the fact that self-publishing is on the rise – as well as attract local attention – using Roanoke as a setting. I also learned that sometimes it’s better to break up chunks of text with an image or two, in this case a book cover and author photo.

Your headline should be straightforward, with a small deck that gives the basic overview of the press release. Leave your contact info at the top and bottom. I offer a short intro with my background and a little about the book; then a quote about the title; a brief synopsis; and a summary of my previous work plus the notification about my signing.

DuoLit has a great article on keeping it simple yet informative. They also have another good piece on the 3 places to send your press release, including listing it on your own website. Any questions or comments on writing your press release?

Liz Long

Magic, mystery, and murder in local author’s second independently published title 

With independent publishing in the news and on the rise, Liz Long releases her second novel, WITCH HEARTS, a paranormal thriller geared towards readers who enjoy magic, mystery, and murder.

Roanoke, VA – Liz Long has released her second independently published title, WITCH HEARTS. Available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon, her novel has been described as ideal for readers who enjoy dark fantasy and thrillers. Long works for Leisure Publishing as the Social Media Editor and is active in the Roanoke writing community. WHCoverWeb

“While I never name the city, Roanoke is absolutely where I see my story taking place, from the first page on the greenway to the last page on a mountain hiking trail,” said Long.

WITCH HEARTS begins with Ruby learning of her best friend Courtney’s grisly murder. With the return of Courtney’s brother, they vow to save other witches from the same fate. They must reunite with the High Priest of her old coven, who also happens to be Ruby’s cheating ex-boyfriend. Courtney’s ghost haunts Ruby’s dreams as she hints that her brother’s past could get Ruby and him killed. As they search for the truth, the serial killer becomes fixated on Ruby and the more she discovers, the more she fears she won’t be able to keep her heart in her chest.

DSC_0089Long’s first title, GIFTED, A DONOVAN CIRCUS NOVEL, released in May 2012 and currently sits on Amazon with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Long frequently offers independent publishing and social media marketing advice on her website, as well as helps other indie authors with interviews and publicity for the online community.

Long will be signing books this Saturday, June 1st, from 1-3pm at Viva La Cupcake on Grandin Road. Both books will be available for purchase in paperback and Kindle. The first ten purchases will receive a free cupcake and all purchases will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


If you’d like more information, or to schedule an interview with Liz Long, please email her at

7 thoughts on “Marketing Tip: Writing Your Author Press Release

    • LizLong says:

      Excellent! Most media don’t like running small time, unless your town is SUPER small and everyone knows everyone. Like, my local newspaper does book reviews, but won’t do self-pubs which drives me nuts but I suppose it’s to keep them from going crazy. Just gotta keep pushing and making it a local flavor! (And then when you make it big, they’ll have no choice but to run that stuff! 😉 )

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