Heroes & Villains Blog Hop: Giveaway Time!


Welcome to the Heroes & Villains blog hop! A group of us (29, to be exact) have gathered together to discuss heroes and villains, and – pay attention now, because this is probably what you’re here for – we’re giving away tons of prizes to lucky readers!

I’m giving away 3 copies of WITCH HEARTS (whether epub, mobi, or PDF is at the winner’s discretion). Due to Rafflecopter not being able to show on a wordpress site, I apologize but you’ll have to click on the link below to enter to win. Ways to enter include following me on Twitter and the Facebook fan page, tweeting about the giveaway, and (my favorite), telling me your favorite book villain and why on a comment here on my blog. I can’t wait to see what you have to say!

This contest has ended.

Now that the hard part’s out of the way, let’s talk heroes and villains. Today I’m discussing my villain from my newest release, WITCH HEARTS. I love discussing villains, like when I broke down 3 villains in the show ARROW. I also love to write them (you can read about the villain in my first book GIFTED here.) The thing about villains is, I like to make them more than just a villain. I want him to be a person, or at least a guy that started as a person before he went bad. I want to know what makes him tick, why he is the way he is, and what exactly sent him over the edge (or if he’s just been bad his entire life). Sometimes, like in the case of my first villain Felix, I even like to make the readers feel a bit sorry for them, almost understand why they’re doing the things they do, even if we disagree with them.

My second villain though from WITCH HEARTS…whew. X is a bad guy, like a really bad guy. He’s a bit of a mystery and we don’t know much about him until the very end, but I will say he’s a mean ol’ bastard. I won’t give away everything, but he stalks witches and takes their hearts for a specific purpose – and enjoys it. X likes to toy with his victims before he goes after them, to get their hearts racing. He finds enjoyment in their fear and it’s what makes him feel most alive, you know? He loves leaving notes on his victims’ doorsteps to let them know he’s coming, which, in my mind, is one of the creepiest things about him. Here’s a sneak peek at Killer X when he leaves a note on our heroine’s front door:

“Not all witches are equal. Some are born with extraordinary gifts; anyone can practice, but few are truly powerful. You are one of the lucky ones, Ruby. I apologize about your friend Courtney. She was powerful, but nowhere near your capabilities. I’m afraid that in order for my powers to thrive, yours must come to an end. I’ll be seeing you very soon. -X”

The other creepy thing about X is that in his mind, he loves the girls he murders. He considers their sacrifice something of an honor and he wants them to understand how much he adores them. Here’s a part from the very first chapter:

She thrashed her head around, tried to see where this sick bastard stood. She’d throw a flame with her eyeballs if she could, but she wasn’t that powerful. Her best friend could probably figure a way out of this; what would she do? The blankness in her brain only frightened her more. She didn’t want to die. 

“You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart,” the man said. His loving tone made her cringe in fear and she struggled against the ropes on her limbs. 

The girl’s shaking body and slight, panicked gasps only seemed to egg him on. He licked his lips, stepping out of the shadows.

The pretty blonde girl screamed as he pressed a scalpel to her chest.

That’s just a bit of insight to my villain Killer X from my new release WITCH HEARTS, available now on Amazon. What do you think? What do you like most in a villain?

Don’t forget to enter above to win a copy of WITCH HEARTS! Here are the other authors participating in the blog hop – go see what they have to say about heroes and villains and enter to win their prizes, too!

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One thought on “Heroes & Villains Blog Hop: Giveaway Time!

  1. Nyki Blatchley says:

    “The other creepy thing about X is that in his mind, he loves the girls he murders. He considers their sacrifice something of an honor and he wants them to understand how much he adores them.” – Although I haven’t studied the psychology of serial killers in any detail, this rings very true, in the same way that abusive partners often seem to believe they’re showing true love. As you say, very creepy.

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