WITCH HEARTS: A Second Promo Photo + Cover Reveal Date

My official cover reveal date for WITCH HEARTS is in ONE WEEK: Monday, April 8th!! I can’t wait to show it off and I’ve been overwhelmed by the supportive response I’ve gotten from bloggers and authors volunteering to help release it on their blogs. I’m so excited for next week, but until then I wanted to tide you over with another photo. (I’ll also be releasing a third photo after the cover reveal – you know, to get you in the mood.)

A couple weeks back, I released the official back cover synopsis for WITCH HEARTS, along with a promo photo to give you a better idea of what to expect from the book. Today I wanted to give you another shot that pairs with what you’ll read in the novel.

WITCH HEARTS features a powerful witch named Ruby who is stalked by a serial killer. She must do everything in her power to save herself, practicing to her altar – both in her home and in the woods – in order to stay safe. A lot of the story takes place in a special spot in the woods and I tried to recreate what Ruby would have there (to the best of the supplies in my house, that is!).

Wiccans often practice in nature, as they find it comforting and the easiest way to feel at one with their religion. In my witchy world, Ruby practices with candles, her spellbook, an athame, small cauldron (it’s a little dark but that bowl behind the candles), and sometimes her tarot cards. But will all her practicing keep her alive?

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