Why All Writers Need an Author Page

This week, the YA Author Club sponsors will share with you everything you ever wanted to know about the all important author page.

Here’s the deal – how the heck do you expect anyone to give two hoots about you if you don’t tell them you who are?

Author pages are more important than some people realize. I understand that readers are just that – readers who want to devour your book. However, readers (and other people) will often google for your website to see your other work and that eventually leads them to…wondering who you are and maybe even the why’s behind things. (Why do you write? Why this particular story? What makes you an expert in that department?)

This is your chance to showcase YOU. On your website, you should have separate sections for your works, but you should have a specific “About Me” page. Let the readers get to know you – if they’ve read your work, you might gain a lifelong reader, and if they haven’t, you might gain a new one. This is not a throwaway page to update once and never touch again. (If you’re listing links, keep them updated as you go to prevent a nightmarish 5 hour project later. Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

In my case, my website is geared first and foremost to my readers who are interested in my books. However, I also want to provide social media and marketing advice to other writers. In order for people to understand why I do that or what makes me qualified, this is where my author page comes in. I can list my experience (a laidback resume, so to speak), explain why I do what I do, and reveal more of my personality to show readers who I am and what they can expect from me. You want to be personable (show your headshot/photo instead of book covers – save those for the main site or another page), but you should also keep it professional (this isn’t Facebook – there’s a chance potential employers or family might read it). This is where people come to learn about you and we should put our best attitude on when making new friends, right?

As I just redid my author page last night, there’s still work that needs to be done. I’m taking new photos in 2 weeks, so I plan to replace the current image. But in my “About Me” readers are able to glean a little information about me – what I do for a living, (therefore why my knowledge is power), a bit of my personality and writing style, and how I want to help others in my fields. I’d love for you to check it out and perhaps get some ideas for how to create your best author page.

Liz Long’s Author Page

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