Dark Knight Rises Massacre: A Serious WTF.

I’ll keep this short because I know the rest of the world (or at least America) is talking about it right now, too.

I expected to wake up and have my Twitter feed flooded with excited Dark Knight Rises conversation. Talk about the movie, its actors and their performances, and general reactions. Excitement and fangirling and comparisons with past movies. I’d logged in with trepidation as I’m doing my darndest to avoid spoilers.

I was only half right. Instead, I’m shocked to find there’s been a shooting, a flat out massacre, in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. I won’t go into depth because you can find it on a real news channel. Plus I get super pissed when reading details. All that we really need to know is that a sick human being took out his problematic rage on innocent victims and now there are grieving families and friends who never asked for or did anything to deserve this tragedy.

According to CNN as of 10am: 12 killed. 38 hurt. Children involved.

Part of me wants to discuss it, because my anger at this evil man and my sorrow for innocent lives lost is overwhelming. Part of me wants to shove it into the back corner of my mind and ignore it, because to do otherwise means accepting this tragedy and the sick people who live in this world. It’s hard to acknowledge there’s that much evil in the world, even when we hear about it everyday. I hate to even say it, but it’s as the Joker says: When things get off plan, chaos reigns. Today–the news, the Internet, the country–is full of chaos.

It’s sick. There are no words to describe how disgusted I am that people can be so cruel. My heart goes out to all the loss of loved ones in CO right now. I’m angry at this asshole for ruining what should have been an epic night for moviegoers. As a nerd, as a moviegoer, as a BASIC HUMAN BEING, I’m beyond furious that this terrible person was so selfish that he didn’t care who he hurt. What was the point of his madness, of his attack? And do I even care if he eventually does make a statement?

There are no “Holy Batman” jokes to make. There is no political spin (the first politician to say such related thing is getting a seriously pissed off voter letter from me). Despite every sarcastic retort I want to make (because that’s what I do when I get uncomfortable), I can’t find one, because there is nothing to say but how sorry I am for the victims and their families. How desperately sad I am for their losses and heartache, over a bad person who had no regard for human life and decency. How I hope we can unite and overcome, as we always do, to provide support for these families and keep a vigilant eye for future problems like this one.

My heart’s in Aurora, Colorado today.

8 thoughts on “Dark Knight Rises Massacre: A Serious WTF.

  1. Liz (@elizabethbarone) says:

    I just heard about this. I guess they still don’t know why — not that the “why” really matters, I suppose, but it bothers me that someone would just walk into a movie theater and start shooting; I want to know why.

    • LizLong says:

      Part of me does and part of me doesn’t. Because there’s obviously no good excuse for anyone to do this, I already know I’ll have nothing but anger no matter what his reasoning. Then again, I DO want to know what in the hell makes him think it was fine to do what he did.

  2. John says:

    I was bummed out as well… I have tickets to see it tonight at IMAX (bought way in advance). Now the movie is kind of tainted. Obviously, that’s not the most important part of the tragedy, but still, I can’t help but feel bad for Nolan and the cast and crew of TDKR… their excitement during this epic release has just been squashed. Your Joker quote is quite apt: this was not how the premiere was supposed to go down and the whole thing feels “off.”

    Spree killings like this are the most cowardly kind of crimes, and I have a feeling that, as we learn more about the perp., we’ll find out that he thought he was making some kind of grand statement, like he thinks he’s the intellectual villain of a movie in this genre.

    It’s a sad, sad day indeed. I’m expecting a somber mood in the line at my IMAX experience.

    • LizLong says:

      I can’t agree more with everything you just said. I’m almost embarrassed by wanting to keep my excitement in tonight’s showing. That said, we’ll still go, but perhaps a lot more somber than without last night’s tragedy.

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