More Fun(/Embarrassing) Facts about Liz Long

It’s Friday the 13th and I’m mostly running on steam at the end of this week-but in a good way! I’m satisfied with several things happening at work and excited about where it’s headed. And now it’s time for the weekend and I’ve got lots of things to get done for writing-related things (guest posts, setting up B&N account for Gifted, actually writing new chapters, etc.). Because I’m looking forward to a mentally busy weekend (hopefully I won’t leave my desk much!), I thought I’d keep today light and fun. So here’s more fun facts about me that I guarantee will embarrass me to no end. Feel free to laugh at my expense, kids, cause I do it at least seventy times a day!

1. I’m terrified of large-costumed mascots (proof here with Curious George, on our honeymoon at Universal Studios; this was before I nearly ran out of the restaurant in terror, though thankfully I’d just paid our check). I can’t really explain it other than they’re pushy, furry people in suits. They always get in your face and crowd you, expecting you to be happy they’ve invaded your personal bubble with their freakish oversized bodies. I don’t know. They just freak me out. (All the photos of the honeymoon and this is my husband’s favorite one. Makes him laugh every time, he says.)

2. Obviously in a community of authors and book bloggers, we love to read. I loved books so much as a kid that one summer, my dad dropped me off and picked me up at the city library every. single. day. I think I was 11 or 12. I read every Sweet Valley twins book they had (we’re talking elementary through college, including ALL the special editions) and the librarians were my friends. (Then I’d check out 5 books each night and read them at home after dinner.)

3. You might already know I can’t stand karaoke. (It’s the 2nd worst thing in the world, after group dancing a la Electric Slide/Cupid Shuffle.) This includes in the movies or TV shows. When people get up to sing embarrassingly (first thing that comes to mind is Katherine Heigl singing on that bar in 27 Dresses), I have to either fast forward or leave the room. Or cover my eyes and ears with a pillow.

4. I am a stupidly paranoid person. I hide my Kindle Fire when I leave the house in case someone breaks in. When my husband went to Bonnaroo one year, he came back to find all our pots and pans in front of the back door–my ghetto alarm system–and he’s long grown used to my anxiety attacks where we’re in bed trying to sleep and I bolt upright at the tiniest sound or suspicion. I would blame my watching too much Criminal Minds, but I was the same way as a child–I lived in constant fear at night that robbers would see my house from the road, assume we were wealthy, and break in to rob and kill me and my parents. Maybe that’s why I always escaped in fantasy books–the chance of a violent reality always scared the hell outta me. No 8-year-old should live in fear like that, but nearly 20 years later, not much on that front has changed.

5. Give me Watermelon Bubblicious bubblegum (“Specific, but necessary for the proper texture,” she says scientifically) and five minutes, and I can blow bubbles as big as my face. Proof!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!! And I’d love to hear some fun facts about YOU!!

16 thoughts on “More Fun(/Embarrassing) Facts about Liz Long

  1. NicHance says:

    That is an AWESOME bubble!!! I am also insanely paranoid about home invasion. I don’t know where the fear comes from, but I feel like I’ve always had it.

    • LizLong says:

      I’m glad it’s not just me–sometimes I think JLo believes I’m a little crazy. No matter how secure I am, I still get the heebie-jeebies. Too many crime drama shows get in my head, haha!

  2. Andrea @The Bookish Babe says:

    Liz, this is awesome! I dont like pushy mascots either. I met Ronald McDonald one time at McDs. It ended w/my brother and I crawling under the table. And karaoke is such a crapshoot. I feel incredibly embarrassed for ppl who make jerks of themselves. Love your ghetto alarm system.

  3. ginnylurcock says:

    Once I watched a show about the Original Night Stalker and was CONVINCED that he was in New Hampshire in the woods behind my house and going to kill me… even though he was bond to be in his 70s at the time.

    Which is the only paranoia I will admit to since all other cases involve no such rational prompting.

    I mean… there are no other cases…

  4. Patrick Ross says:

    Oh my, here you are leaving such a thoughtful comment on my blog, and then I learn you don’t like large mascots. I played one for a time back in college for my school; it was a huge bird (I looked through the open beak). I must confess that I used it as an opportunity to hug pretty women, just like Curious George it seems. My apologies for being a creepy cad!

  5. CM Adams says:

    This is great! I feel like I need to add a page like this to my own site (since I have so many crazy traits). I’m terrified of Misha Collins. I have a photo to prove it. It’s so embarrassing…
    I read all the Babysitters Club books when I was around that age! That’s so funny.
    Your paranoia sounds a lot like mine. I have a legit anxiety disorder though, couple with OCD, so mine are even more ridiculous. But I hide my laptop (pretty much my most sacred possession that contains all of my secrets) whenever I’m going out of town without it (granted I try not to leave if I don’t have to). I watch too much Criminal Minds, too…but I like to think of it as a deep course in preparedness! Sometimes it’s good to be cautious. Right? Yes.. Yes. We’ll go with that.
    I used to karaoke all the time. Just get drunk and get up there and sing. Now I reserve it for Friday night Supernatural convention karaoke parties…because singing with Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr and Kim Rhodes by your side pretty much voids the suckdom parts of karaoke.

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