Gifted is FREE for Kindle Users July 6-8!!

So it’s been a crazy weekend–we lost power Friday night thanks to a freak dericho (google it) and are probably out for a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t lose my mind from a heatwave, but the important thing is that we’re safe and sound. Anyway, that’s the reason of why I’m just now announcing the news:

JULY 6-8 (this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), Gifted, a Donovan Circus Novel, will be FREE for Kindle and its apps!! There are 3 whole days to download the book for free and I’m hoping you’ll tell all your friends. (As a reminder, you can absolutely download the Kindle app on your phone or computer and read all sorts of great books through that even if you don’t have an actual Kindle.) So don’t miss out!

In more news, my 3 day sales means my KDP days are almost up. I’m not sure of the exact day off the top of my head, but come mid-July, Gifted will be available in other places such as B&N (paperback and the Nook), Apple store, and Sony store. So hopefully this will help spread the Gifted news a little more with more availability and give other readers a chance to check it out!


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