Character Interview: Delia Stavros

Today’s Gifted character interview is with our resident sweet-girl, Delia Stavros. A Greek transplant now in the Donovan Circus, she’s been traveling with Sheffield’s group for over seven years. (And she’ll be 25 years old, no matter how many times you ask her after this year.)

Character: Delia Stavros, secondary character
Role: Lucy’s roommate (and eventually best friend)
Age: 25 (for the next several years, too)
Gift: Runner

Q. Tell us a little about yourself–your Gift, what you do around the circus grounds, etc.
A. Hello, everyone! I am Delia Stavros and I am a Runner. It is a speed gift, which means I run very, very fast. Like um, what is the phrase–blink and you will miss me? I help everyone in the show with whatever they need outside the main tent. Since I am so fast, I am usually running props and things back and forth to the appropriate people.

Q. What’s your favorite act in the show?
A. Melody and her horses are gorgeous. They move and dance as though they float on clouds. Horses are such beautiful, smart creatures.

Q. What’s one of the hardest things about living in a traveling circus?
A. Privacy is hard to come by! We are all a family and most days it is fine to be around everyone. But if you need to get away, you need to really get away, as in off the grounds. Otherwise, you will not find time alone and there are more than a handful of gifted who can hear more than a normal person!

Q. What do you do when you’re not preparing for the show?
A. Hmm…I am probably running around to talk to friends. We like to sit around a lot and drink while discussing things (Lucy and the boys bore us with comic books, talk about the show, etc.). I am also kind of girly–I like to paint my toenails and fingernails, try out fancy hair products and makeup, things like that.

Q. We hear you have a cookie addiction. Favorite cookie?
A. Those Oreos with the double creme stuffing are my favorite, but they can get expensive. I will also gladly accept any cookie from an elf. (A Keebler elf, that is. Do not trust any other kind.)

Q. Anything about you we’d be surprised to know?
A. Sometimes people think I am too sweet and friendly, but those closest to me know I do not fear getting my hands dirty to protect those I love. Let us put it that way!

Q. Finally, in regards to your gift–as a Runner, do you get to eat anything you want?!
A. I am one of the lucky girls-because I burn so many calories with my speed, I can eat whatever. I do eat an awful lot of cookies. They are my guilty pleasure!

Delia’s gotta run (har har), so that’s it for her today! She’s already a fan favorite! Wanna know more about Delia, Lucy and their friends, plus their adventures? (And who the hell is killing off their troupe members?) You can read more or buy my book on Amazon here!

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