Gifted: The Theme Song!

I’m not saying my book is going to catch like wildfire and get turned into a movie. Hand to god, I’m not. But if a writer tells you they’ve never considered or dreamed of it, they’re lying their balls (or lady parts, I guess) off. As I’m working on Book 2, I decided to have a fun trip for Lucy and friends. They would never dream of driving anywhere without music playing, so I put together a fun, very quirky playlist on my iTunes that represents their soundtrack. I’d like to think a few of these songs I picked would be playing in the background as they talked and drove the car to their destination.

So I thought I’d play a game:

Congratulations! Your new book is a phenomenal hit! Now a bestseller, a major production company wants to turn it into a movie. While they’re filming, they compile a soundtrack. They’ve asked YOU, as the brilliant author, to pick the theme song that will be associated with it forever. (No pressure.) What do you pick?

Me? I pick Mute Math’s “Spotlight” for several reasons, but the lyrics were spot on to helping describe the actual story. (And this video is freaking awesome.)

I know they were on the Twilight soundtrack. It breaks my heart. But the lyrics match perfectly to describe what Lucy is going through as she elbows her way through the Donovan circus and all the problems that surround it. She’s now thrust into the spotlight, trying to belong. Will she get there?

(On a fun story note-I’ve met these guys. I used to run major concerts at my college and my radio station brought them to Longwood one year. They were literally the nicest guys I’ve EVER met, especially for a popular band. And the talent just blew everyone away–you’ve gotta see Mute Math live if you haven’t done so. Please, do it for me. You won’t regret it.)

So let’s hear it–what would the soundtrack or theme song to your book be? It can be anything, as long as you feel it really describes or contributes to your story. I have no doubt I can think of several more great songs for the “soundtrack” but I guess this one just hit closer to home for me!

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