Book Release Day: Yippee!!

Today’s the big day you’ve (okay, I’ve) been waiting for! My urban fantasy novel, “Gifted, a Donovan Circus Novel” is now available for Kindle and paperback purchase on Amazon!

It’s exciting. It really is. But you know what else? It’s a little scary, to know that my book is officially out there in the world for you guys to love…or rip apart. It’s really hard to throw yourself out there, hoping for the best. I know my story isn’t for everyone (nonfiction lovers who read biographies on presidents, for example, probably wouldn’t have a lot of interest in it). But for those of you who do love the genre, I really hope you enjoy it.

I have so many ideas I want to write and use within this world of Gifted. Not just with Lucy and her Donovan crowd either, but as a world within a world. I’m hoping you guys dig the idea as much as I do. But I suppose we’ll do this in steps, together. So while I’m working on Book 2 and a couple of other fun things, I’d love it if you went to check out Gifted.

“It’s like X-Men meets the circus…” is the best description so far. It’s got tons of action and adventure, a little romance, and (I hope) plenty of humor.

So here we go…I hope you enjoy running away to the circus with me. Watch out for fireballs.

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