Gotye: Eyes Wide Open

Happy Monday, friends! I’m preparing to announce my book release tomorrow on Amazon (hooray that May 1st conveniently fell on a book release Tuesday, btw), so today I thought I’d post one of my favorite new songs. “Eyes Wide Open” by Gotye is a fantastic tune. The video is actually really interesting too, but the lyrics and chorus keep getting stuck in my head. As I’ve already told Twitter, we may already have a Phil Collins (who I think Gotye sounds like), but Gotye’s got his own unique style, too. I’d love to discuss the actual idea behind the song, too, ’cause I’m a big nerd like that. Have a great day! (And you know what else I’ll be mentioning this week? My extreme love for the Avengers, of course!) Have a terrific day! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gotye: Eyes Wide Open

  1. Liz (@elizabethbarone) says:

    I don’t think he sounds like Phil Collins (either vocally or musically), but Gotye is definitely refreshing and interesting. My friend about drove me up the wall with “Somebody I Used to Know,” but I’ve heard a few of his other songs since and I kinda like him now. 😀

    I picked up the now not-so-new Florence + the Machine album a few days ago (finally), and now I can’t decide whether I like her first or new album better. The fiance person discovered Ganglion, who is a comic book artist but also a composer. (Best of both worlds, I tell you.) Saltillo is an awesome album to write to.

    And we’ve both been on a Jack White kick. I’m especially obsessed with The Dead Weather and his new solo album.

    • LizLong says:

      I really liked the Florence album when it came out, but I still think I like her first album better. Nothing against the second one.
      Gotye is pretty smooth-for some reason when he hits those choruses, I hear Phil Collins. Someone else told me they think of Sting. I’ll go check out Saltillo-thanks!

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