Universal Resort: More Adventures

I lied a little–Harry Potter posts are tomorrow and Friday. I literally have so many photos I need to split them up because between the Hogsmeade area and the castle, there’s so much! So today I thought I’d show off a few random things we saw in the Universal Studios part of the resort. Universal was super fun, but was an entirely different feel than Islands of Adventure. Fewer rides meant more shows and some, while great (The Mummy, Rip Ride Rocket, live animal show) still couldn’t save those that were a little dated (Twister, Men in Black). Another reason other than Hogwarts that I visited Islands of Adventure every single day.

Here’s the entry into the park all lit up at night:

Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s office–I still can’t believe there wasn’t a single telephone booth to be found around there.


My favorite ride in Universal Studios. The ceiling on fire at the end of the ride was so effing cool. I love those movies (well, the first 2 anyways) so very much. I have an extreme obsession/love of ancient Egypt.


This girl literally did not say a word or smile to anyone. She just beckoned with her hands and posed. It was almost creepy, but her hotness saved it.


I’ll never figure out how those guys stay on stilts for so long. The Egyptian actors had their scary faces down that day.


The stores/restaurants from The Godfather!!


I can’t count how many people we had to wait behind to get this photo.


One of the best stars on the block, if you ask me!


The line to get a photo with Shaggy and Scooby was stupid long, so I settled for the Mystery Machine instead. Twenty bucks says I’d find Shaggy’s secret stash in there.


Interestingly enough, while there’s an entire Marvel island in the other park, there are only a handful of DC Comics items in one of the shops at Universal. Including this guy for a mere $5,700. What a bargain! Could you imagine taking him home? If I got up in the middle of the night and saw him, I’d probably wet my pajama pants in fear. Bet my neighbors wouldn’t come near my yard again, though.

Doc Brown! He pulled his own wand out of a bush (ie twig) and made me duel with him. His wand core is plutonium, of course.


And because every post needs a photo of a puppy dog, here’s mine. This is Fisher and we missed his birthday while on vacation. My mom, his “g-ma”, took extra special care of him with a birthday hot dog and bacon. How she managed to get him to sit that long with Spongebob on his head, I’ll never know (I don’t even want to do that!), but it sure makes for a funny photo.


Next 2 posts, I promise, are all geared for the Hogsmeade area of the park. Just wait until you see some of these details-absolutely incredible!

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