The Avengers: Black Widow Clip

I’m trying to do everything I can to avoid spoilers for “The Avengers.” I don’t want to know the plot or villains or details. I want to go in with fresh eyes, an unbiased opinion, and sheer awe at the special effects.

However. When you offer me up a brand new, free clip of Black Widow kicking serious ass all whilst being roped to a chair? Yeah, okay. I’ll watch it. She’s my favorite. (Don’t you judge me.) It’s incredibly badass and makes me love her more. Don’t care if you don’t like ScarJo-I think she’s terrific and can pull off those fly ninja moves.

Also, I love that Agent Coulson has that bland “I’m still waiting” face while she puts him on hold. I’m so glad he got his own poster–I really love him in that role!

Without further girl, Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov, doing what she does best–being an incredible assassin.


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