Marvel Super Hero Island=Superhero Nerd Heaven

If you didn’t know, I just returned from my honeymoon/vacation from Universal Resort. JLo and I stayed at Loew’s Pacific Resort Hotel, which was lovely and tricked us into thinking we might be in Hawaii. The big deal, of course, was Wizarding World, but let’s face it, that entire section of the park deserves its own handful of posts. So you get to wait for those photos. Instead, we’ll kick it off with my second most favorite section of the park: Marvel Super Hero Island!

Literally only one step behind Hogwarts in cool factor, I have only slightly fewer photos of this section of the park. Marvel easily had the best rollercoaster in all the land: The Hulk. Lime green, huge, and faster than Iron Man, this coaster slung you upside down and twirled more than Natalie Portman in that lesbian ballerina movie. As soon as you walked into Marvel, you’d hear the screams of both riders and wind as it whipped overhead, leaving several people bumping into one another as we all gazed upwards in awe. We weren’t in there two minutes before we jumped in the Express line, waited about 4 minutes and took off to the sounds of Bruce Banner screaming while he became the Hulk. I hadn’t ridden a rollercoaster in years but after that one I remembered why I love them so much (minus the windblown hair ie that crazed mad scientist look)!

As soon as we got done with that ride, I stopped looking up and remembered to look down, where I saw this. The squeal that left my mouth as soon as I walked up to this was (I’m told) cringe-worthy, according to JLo. Luckily he was too excited to think I was being a crazy nerd girl.


JLo decided he wanted to buy a beer since the last time we were in a theme park, we were nowhere close to legal drinkers. While waiting in line, a loud buzzer sounded and in my bewilderment, I saw Spider-Man running to another location. I LITERALLY CHASED SPIDER-MAN YOU GUYS. No, really. One minute I was there and the next, JLo saw me leaping over the sidewalk to take a photo of what I realized was the superhero brigade taking off to save the day.


The next day, I heard Captain America was around taking pictures. I managed to stalk him down and squealed with delight when he hugged me.


Tuesday was my birthday and instead of turning 27, we acted like 10 year olds. I was determined to get my photo with every available superhero and I succeeded! Every single one was so nice and wished me a happy birthday, as well as commented on my awesome Avengers shirt.



And obviously I had to get a photo with Captain America again if only because of my Avengers shirt. He’s the First Avenger, for crying out loud! (Also, kinda hot, but don’t tell JLo that part.) Here’s the exchange:

Captain America: Nice shirt!

Me: Thanks! I wore it specifically because I knew I’d take my photo with you today.

CA: And on your birthday! Happy birthday, that’s so awesome! You’re now my new best friend. You going to see me in the movie?

Me: Of course I am! Let’s be friends. Now c”mere and give me a hug.


JLo decided he could take the Green Goblin (who not only stayed really well into character, but also must have been dying in that costume in the heat. He was the only one who didn’t take shade. Well, he did here, but only to tie a kid to the tree for a photo. I think..hope.)



And of course it wouldn’t be complete without some strong women! Rogue and Storm, of course, but can I please add how annoyed I was to not see Black Widow anywhere?! No costumed actress, no action figures, no pretty Scarlett J face on a coffee mug. Only 2 BW comics in the book shop. I was a little disappointed to say the least, as she’s my favorite of favorites with strong female superheroes.


More parade brigade photos…Spider-Man was funny because he was the only one not sitting properly on his bike. Instead he perched while driving.



And because I suppose they can’t make a realistic iron costume (pfff) here’s their Iron Man. You could buy him, too, and JLo had to drag me away on several occasions to prevent my spending a small fortune on something I’d stare at in awe in my office instead of get any work done. (Let’s just say he was somewhere in the vicinity of $6G’s.)


After the Harry Potter castle ride, this was probably my next favorite ride. It’s 4D, which means that it’s not only action packed 3D, but you get water and heat sprayed on you too. It was very cool; we rode this at least 3 times that week.


We had Express passes, meaning we skipped a ton of waiting in long lines. On the way in we got to see part of the Daily Bugle (I really hope they had this built for the other people waiting in the regular lines too!), so we got to see Peter Parker’s desk covered with photos, comics, and notes from his angry editor-in-chief. The small details really went a long way at Universal.


Anyways, so that’s Marvel Super Hero Island in a nutshell! I had a hard time not buying out the store of their action figures (or costumed actors). Next up will be Wizarding World, which simply has to be cut into 2 pieces because of the sheer amount of photos I have of details, including one JLo snuck of me getting picked for Ollivander’s wand choosing!

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