Hogwarts: A Honeymoon

In case you haven’t seen my ALL CAPS ENTHUSIASM tweets lately, I’ll be out of town starting Friday afternoon through next Saturday because I’M GOING ON MY FREAKING HONEYMOON TO HOGWARTS!!!!

(Ahem) Sorry. I’m just so excited.

JLo and I got married back in September and put off our honeymoon so we could properly save up. It also happens to be my birthday week! I’d like to first mention that I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who will not only suggest Universal Resort for things like rollercoasters and amazing food, but specifically Wizarding World and Marvel land (where I’m told is the biggest comic book store in the world) for me. (It was an easy sell.)

We leave to drop off the Jack Russell terror at his gma’s house, then to Raleigh for the evening since we need to be at the airport pretty early. Our flight gets in mid-Saturday morning, giving us almost a whole extra day to see the resort. Our initial plan is to drop our stuff off at the hotel, grab lunch, wander around the hotel and fart around until after it gets dark–B.o.B. is playing a live concert down at CityWalk for the Mardi Gras parade, but we both really want to see the Islands of Adventure at night when it’s all lit up. After that, there are ZERO PLANS, just the way I wanted it. We’re going to do whatever the hell we feel like doing, whether it’s rollercoasters all day, a Disney day trip, or sitting by the pool all day reading. No matter what, we’re going to enjoy it.

I turn 27 on the 27th, so I’m thinking that our plan (provided we don’t get rained out Sunday) for my birthday on that Tuesday will be Hogwarts all morning, lunch at Hog’s Head, Hunger Games in IMAX and then eating my weight at the sushi bar in our hotel. I’m so excited to see Hunger Games in an IMAX theater, I can’t stand it!! We are also going to see the midnight premiere of Wrath of the Titans in IMAX 3D on Thursday night, which I think will be fun if only because we get to drink in the theater 🙂

On the writing side, I plan on reading a LOT. I’ve got tons of indie books to read, which means I can get more Author Q&As up soon. While I don’t plan to do any query letters or fidgeting around with my first book, I DO plan on taking my relaxation time to think about where the second book will take Lucy and her friends. I’d like to at least come up with an outline or rough sketch of the plot, new characters I couldn’t fit into book one, and other fun things. I think this vacation is just what I need to get the creativity candle burning again.

I’ll try to update the blog if/when I can–it’ll be sporadic and written from my Kindle Fire (ie short posts), but at least I’ll have the comics regularly scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. If you have any suggestions for me as far as what to do/see/eat, give me a holler on Twitter @LizCLong.

Until then, nerd+writer friends, Happy Hunger Games. It’s time for Hogwarts: A Honeymoon.

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