Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer-Initial Reaction?

So, holy crap. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting out of the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman movie, but they’re actually making Kristen Stewart do more than bland facial expressions and lip bites.While she most likely wins whatever battle they’re fighting (it’s not a spoiler if you can already guess), I will say that Charlize Theron is putting up a hell of a fight for her crown and good looks. At first glance, the trailer, while it didn’t blow me away (I save that for all Avengers trailers), I was still pretty impressed with the special effects and story.

It’s creepy, it’s action-packed, and obviously more badass than the sweet fairy princess tale we know. We start with an introduction to the Queen, who must take other’s youth and beauty for her own. While we know the story–Queen hates Snow, Queen hires Huntsman to take heart, Queen obsesses over getting Snow’s beauty, etc–I will say that Charlize is playing a pretty evil queen (and I have to note that I love the special effect at the end of the trailer where she magics herself into flying crows. I’m a sucker for special effects.)

Around the 1.30 mark, Snow comes upon a beast in the forest–and it’s not your average bear. I actually really like that detail–while the Queen is dangerous, there are other creatures out there that could also take your heart for dinner, including what I hope is a dragon! Chris Hemsworth looks nice and woodsy, though to me it looks vaguely like a medieval Thor without his hammer (he seems comfortable enough with an ax). Though I don’t think it’s him kissing the unconscious Snow in the trailer–as we know it’s gotta be true love’s kiss, I do wonder who else besides a sparkly vampire can make Kristen Stewart look alive (Wait…).

The part that’s supposed to surprise us, however, is where Snow comes out to fight in full knight’s armor, even leading the knights into battle. While I knew there would be this “princess turned hero” spin, it looks pretty obvious that this movie is from the same producer as Alice in Wonderland–there’s lots of elements that in Snow’s woods that seem very reminiscent of Alice’s forest. I love twists-maybe not as much as M. Night Shamalama-whatever–but I’m hoping that the end results of the twist are original and just as lovely as Charlize Theron’s gorgeous face.

What do you think? Will you be seeing Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters? Or are you stuck taking the kiddies to the happier Snow White story with Mirror Mirror?

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