Author Interview (Readers): Courtney Cole

With each book review, my hope is to also interview the author to get an idea of their method behind the madness. I’ll try to do a 2 part interview–one part for readers (such as the book plot and its details), and a writer interview (for aspiring writers like myself to hopefully gain a little inside wisdom). Today’s author interview is with the phenomenal Courtney Cole, author of several books including The Bloodstone Saga, the Moonstone Saga, Princess, and Guardian (I’d say she stays busy). In case you want to read my review on Every Last Kiss, the first book in the Bloodstone Saga, you can go read here.

Without further ado, our Q&A with author Courtney Cole! Today’s post is for her readers, while her writer post will be up on Friday.

What was your inspiration behind the Bloodstone Saga?
I knew that I wanted to write a series about reincarnated gods and goddesses. So I was noodling on that- it was always in the back of my mind as I tried to formulate a plot. Then one day while I was doing dishes, I started thinking about tragic figures in history- and who would change their fate if they could.

I immediately thought of Cleopatra and I KNEW that I had to use her in the first book. It was so obvious that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tied it together before. Duh. So, while Every Last Kiss is different than the other books in the series, it’s that way for a reason. I really wanted to show the torment that Harmonia suffered in so many lives because of the Fates.

Who would play Macy if the book were made into a movie? More importantly, who is perfect enough for Hasani?!
Oh, my. This is a really hard question. I’ve been asked before, but it’s so hard to decide. The closest real-life person that I can find to the Macy /Charmian that lives in my head is Aishwarya Rai Bachman. I think she’s breathtakingly gorgeous. (I waffle between being infatuated with her, hating her and being incredibly green with jealousy…)

Hasani… he’s soooooo hard. The closest that I can think of is Joe Manganiello. He plays Alcide in True Blood. Of course, Hasani is clean-shaven. So just picture Joe without a beard. Holy cow. Did it just get really, really hot in here?? (Blogger’s note: Please, oh please god, let there be a movie for Joe to be constantly shirtless and beautiful. Please. Also, I want to touch his abs.)

You’ve been transported back to ancient Egypt—what do you (or Macy, even) most miss about the modern world?
Modern medicine. Think about that—one toothache could kill you. I’d also miss Del Taco. And probably tennis shoes. And pink nail polish. And my iPhone. Definitely my iPhone.

I’ve seen that you fear buoys and seagulls. While those are a literal fear, do you have any irrational fears that just sound ridiculous? (For example, mine is zombies.)
You don’t think my fear of buoys is ridiculous? It’s pretty stupid. I figure I must have drowned in a prior life. My daughter (who is 9) is afraid of sharks at night. While she is lying safely in her bed in the second story of our house. I guess that’s more ridiculous than mine- at least buoys are actually in the water. And buoys are fierce, fierce things.

Um. More irrational than that? I don’t think so. I mean, the buoy thing extends to all things floating in the water. So, a floating log, a pop bottle, an intertube… Oh, and I’m kind of afraid of things that float in the bath-tub too… like my daughter’s bath toys.

Great- and now I sound crazy….

Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite passage from the book?
This one is hard, too. Geez, Liz. You ask hard, hard questions. I think the most emotional one for me to write was when it was time for Macy to leave Egypt. I literally cried as I was writing.

What was your inspiration for the soul mate relationship between Charmian and Hasani?
The soul mate myth as it relates to Zeus. It is said that once upon a time, Zeus was so suspicious that everyone was going to try and overthrow his throne that he created soul mates as a distraction. He split everyone’s soul into two and put them into separate bodies. That way, those two people would spend their lives searching for their other half, rather than focused on stealing Zeus’ crown. I started thinking about that… how close would two people be if they were literally two halves of the same soul? I mean, my husband is an identical twin- he and his brother were literally the same embryo and then for whatever reason, they split into two. It would have to be something like that. And that was my inspiration.

Where can readers find their own copy of your amazing series?
My author page on Amazon has a list of all of my books. You can find it here: Courtney Cole on Amazon

You can also find me on my website:

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