The Avengers, Trailer #2

Unless you avoid all things social media, chances are you’ve watched the Avengers trailer(s) at least 25 times each now. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m a huge fan of superhero movies and this one is like the nerd’s dream movie–starring some of the biggest stars plus directed by Joss Whedon? This movie is the reason people feared the end of 2012–we prayed it would be ready for showing, because if the world was going to end, then by god we would see The Avengers beforehand.

I love superheroes because they are the epitome of justice, always choosing the right path (well, for the most part). In a world of messed up, tangled, weird things, diving into different worlds of fantasy and comic books can remind you that some people still believe in right and wrong. They might be fictional, but sometimes they inspire us to do our own good deeds. And putting together so many egos, so many personalities and beliefs like with the Avengers is just plain interesting!  The Avengers don’t just save a few people because they want to–they save the world because it is what is right. Nick Fury might expect them to just jump in, but I’m hoping Whedon really focuses on the superheroes coming together, despite their different ideas of the term “hero”, and kicks some alien/Loki ass.

I have to admit, I didn’t know much about the heroic group until I got into the movies. I liked them all separately (though I admittedly know nothing about Hawkeye other than he’s a badass archer), but I haven’t read the comics (though I’d like to). I still knew the moment I heard about it, I was beyond stoked. Iron Man is my favorite superhero–he’s an egotistical jackass who still tries to save the world. As he says, “If we can’t save the world, then you better be damn sure we’ll avenge it.” I’m really looking forward to seeing how he clashes with Captain America and Thor.

I also have a huge girl crush on Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov. I went as Black Widow for Halloween one year and it’s still my favorite costume. Proof:

I got some looks that night, which was nice for the ego. It was a pain in the ass when you needed to pee, though! Anways, I’ll save the Black Widow backstory/love for another post, but I’m so glad they included her in the Avengers. I’m worried she’ll get pushed to the back of the character line, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Everyone said she was boring in Iron Man 2, but she wasn’t given a lot of development–she’s a badass who observes then attacks, and I thought she did just that. I may be the only one who thought she was great, but I stand by it.

Anways, here’s the Avengers trailer for you to watch at least seven more times. I have a small stroke from excitement every time I watch it. “Is it May yet?” I keep reading on Twitter. “Almost!” I reply. We’re counting down the days, people, no longer the months! As of today, it’s only 55 days til my face gets rocked off.

I may not know the comics, but I’ll know the movie inside and out by my second or third watch. What are you most looking forward to seeing? I’ll see you nerds in the midnight opening show line (that’s bound to be two miles long)!

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