The Adventures of…

One normal Sunday, Erica and I decided to shoot our comic. The first part, dressing like ourselves, was easy enough. But when we saw each other in our superhero costumes, it took every ounce of courage to get out of the apartment, much less the building or the car to downtown. We shot in an alley that has great graffiti and a secret spot by the railroad tracks, both in downtown Roanoke. When the guys drove up next to us in their car, I’m positive the only reason they didn’t get out to laugh at us was because we’d caught them trying to smoke pot in their own hidden spot.


Anyways. I’m so stoked to show off my real life superhero comic strip to you guys! I showed some sneak peeks yesterday, but me with my underpants on the outside of my clothes looks just plain silly out of context. So here’s the actual comic–this is a 2 page story if it were set to print. The first issue:

The Adventures of Liz Vicious & Penny Lane (An E Squared Playhouse Comic!)



I’d love to hear your (hopefully encouraging) thoughts!


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