Another Nerdy Writer

My name is Liz Long and I want to be a superhero. When it comes to “flight or fight” I’d definitely fight…only because I don’t run (unless being chased by zombies). I like to tackle multiple projects at one time,yell at kids via Halo 3/Reach, procrastinate using Pinterest and Twitter (@LizCLong), and if you didn’t already guess, I’m a nerd, probably just like you. I’m going to Universal resort for my honeymoon, where I fully intend to have to be dragged out of Hogwarts on my birthday.

My blog has two main purposes: to showcase nerdy things (both from real life and online) and to document the processes of trying to publish my first book. And when I mean document the processes, I mean all of it, cause I’ve only just finished the final copy and a basic query letter to tweak for each agent. I desperately don’t want to self-publish, only because right now I have no effing idea what I’m doing, but if it comes down to it, I’ll take that road with enthusiasm and happy pills. As most authors do, I take pride in my story, believe in its readability, and really want to cross off this line item on my bucket list. Even if it’s $0.99 on Amazon and sells two copies that are both secretly from my mother, I’ll consider it an amazing success.

In the meantime, I’m gonna give you some photos that help describe who I am. They might show you I am not, in any way, to be taken seriously:

Liz Long, nerd.

Roanoke, VA. I love my city.

Me and bff Erica at my nerdy shirt party. I wore an Optimus Prime shirt, though the winner of the night was an astronomy joke shirt.

Me as Bellatrix at my Harry Potter party. My house looked so awesome and people brought great wizard snacks.

You can't take anyone seriously who tries to be like Doug Funny's QuailMan. This is a preview of my real life superhero comic strip. More to come.

Happy, happy weekend my little nerds! When I’m not working at a local restaurant (I have like 3 jobs), I’ll be writing more query letters and searching for change under the couch cushions to finally join in with Writer’s Digest.

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