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Fun Facts about Liz Long: Round 3

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Time for another round of fun facts about Liz Long! (You know you’re entertained.) Here’s Round 1 and Round 2 if you’re interested.

1. I was involved in an FBI case.
Yeah, I know, it sounds like I’ve been smoking the drugs and diving far too into my next novel, but it’s true. When I first moved to Nashville and was looking for jobs, I applied to some receptionist position through Craigslist. I had an hour long phone interview with a “fashion designer” who had enormous claims about salary and tailored clothing; two hours later, I got a phone call from an FBI agent who made me tell him everything. The phone interview had been a little weird, but it became creepy the moment the FBI agent told me that the place where I was supposed to interview had no offices – and no valet to take my car. Instead of going to the scheduled interview, they sent an agent in my place – they had her dress up in what I’d planned to wear and everything. Apparently the guy didn’t show, but to this day, I wonder if my murder would’ve ended up on a TV crime show. (I hope it would be Castle.) Sorry Mom – I know it’s only funny because it’s 5 years later and I’m A-OK. But it’s one of those stories I like to use in icebreaker sessions about 2 truths and a lie.

2. I wrote Harry Potter fan fiction in my teen years.
Nerd alert! Just kidding. We both know you did it, too. I was actually part of a very large online community that role-played as characters from the wizarding world. My group was incredibly creative. For instance, no one was ever Harry Potter or Hermione – we were completely new characters who could do and be whoever we wanted. Harry and the others existed, sure, but we chose to be smaller characters like Dean Thomas or a Slytherin who only hung out with Gryffindors because she hated being considered a dark witch. For instance, my character, Emma Grace O’Brien, was an Irish 7th year who had an on and off relationship with Oliver Wood. I wrote a 55 page story that to this day is unfinished, but every once in a while, I go back and read it just to get caught up in it again. In the story, her parents are killed by Death Eaters, turns out she’s a Secret Keeper and joins the Order of the Phoenix, she’s great friends with the Weasleys, and is an Animagus with the shape of a wolf. Sure, it sounds ridiculous nearly 15 years later, but at the time, that community and that story was how I escaped from reality. I’ve always been a fan of online communities because those friends got me through some difficult times. Also, that’s kind of how I knew I wanted to be a writer – even with the fan fiction, I had people begging for new chapters each week (including the high school BFF who would later become my current editor!). It encouraged me to really put my writing out there. To this day, I still think of those online friends and community. We were a band of misfits with the ultimate commonality – Harry Potter.

I can’t even believe I just told you that. That is seriously one of my nerdiest secrets ever. And one of my favorites.

3. I wanted to be a news anchor when I grew up.
It’s no secret that being on camera has never bothered me. That’s because as a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to be a nightly news anchor. I loved watching Tom Brokaw give the news, informing viewers of what happened in the world that day. The closest I ever got was becoming the news anchor for my middle school TV news program. (So yes, in the 8th grade, I was editor in chief of my newspaper AND the head news anchor. Are we sure I wasn’t secretly a mini-Lois Lane?) When I went to college, the first thing I did was ask if there was a TV station. At the time, radio was the closest thing they had, so I joined WMLU to be a news reporter and disc jockey. I worked in radio for 5 years – one thing led to another and now I’m writing for the best city magazine around, the Roanoker. It even lets me go on TV for interviews and updates! It might not be the Nightly News, but it’s still a pretty sweet gig close my original childhood dream. Anchorman is one of my favorite movies thanks to Veronica Corningstone. And oddly enough, I love the movie Morning Glory for more than just Harrison Ford.

4. I’m in love with Justin Timberlake.
This one is no secret, especially if you’ve ever mentioned boy bands around me. At this point, even my husband has given up on me and succumbed to buying his albums (actually, as a musician, he’s honestly kind of a fan of some of it). When JT hosts SNL, I get stupid giggly when he comes on for his monologues. I’ve loved Justin since I was 13 and *NSYNC first came on the scene. If I ever met Jessica Biel, I wouldn’t know whether to pull her hair or bow down to her. What a lucky, lucky girl. (I mean, so am I…you know…I mean…never mind. JT 4 Lyfe.)

5. I love cereal. 
I’m kind of like Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to cereal. There are always at least three different boxes on my pantry shelf so that I have choices (right now, it’s Frosted mini-wheats, Frosted flakes, and chocolate cheerios). My husband makes fun of me, but I always tell him that if I were single and didn’t have to think about dinner for two, I’d just eat cereal every night. Actually, sometimes I do that anyway if he’s working late and I’m on my own. He calls it people dog food, but it’s hard for him to keep up that charade when I notice he’s opened my brand new box of Corn Pops.

Author Excerpts (Video)

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My friend Laura Howard is starting a fun new video series. She, an author, and a book blogger get together on a Google Hangout; the author reads an excerpt from their book (typically the first chapter, I believe) and afterwards, she and the blogger ask questions and offer up their expectations of the book based on said excerpt. Lucky for me, I was her first guinea pig! Laura and I got together with the awesome Tobi Helton of Forget the Housework, I’m Reading book blog to talk about Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel.

I’ve never done video before, but this was super fun and I’m looking forward to doing more of them. I read a short opener of the first chapter of GIFTED. Afterwards, they asked me questions about the book and I even went into a little bit about the series itself. In case you want to watch this short (11 min) video, I wanted to share it with you!

I’m also interested in doing more videos like these, both with authors and readers, so if you have any ideas and would like to participate, I’m totally game! :)

A Love Letter to UtopYA 2014

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Dear UtopYA 2014,

I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to describe what last weekend meant to me. There are so many things I want to convey. This letter is for you.

You inspired me. 

Seeing so many women in one place, with different life stories, connect and learn and support one another, is easily the best thing I took away from UtopYA. I’m still in awe over these women who write, read, and support the hell out of each other. This community is something unlike any other and I am so grateful to now be a part of it. It was never about “me or I,” but rather “we” as everyone connected and asked how they could help in their friend’s journey. I also learned at UtopYA that there is no set idea of plots and stories – each writer has a wild story in their head and readers are eager to read them all. It didn’t matter that they’d just bought a dystopian novel at the table behind me – they were ready to read a circus or mermaid book as much as the dystopia. THAT is inspiring, to see that there truly are readers for every type of story.

You introduced me to friends old and new.

Not only was I able to connect with friends I’d been chatting online with for years, but I also met a bunch of new friends. Everyone raved about the welcoming and warm atmosphere, but you don’t really KNOW it until you’re there. The “lift as you climb” motto is evident; I already know that women can get along (despite the joke about there being so many women in a room together), but this event makes it more obvious. They are supportive and enthusiastic, and the only shouting I heard was the squealing from excited women reuniting or fangirling over common interests. I have gotten so excited each time someone new requests to be my Facebook friend, because I already can’t wait to see them in person next year as we get to know each other over time.

You motivated me. 

Come hell or high water, I WILL have another book – hopefully 2 – out by UtopYA 2015. That’s in part thanks to you, who showed me that while I may work on my own timelines, it’s me and only me that can get it done. The panels were informational and different from anything I’d ever participated in. Nothing was about craft – everyone assumed you already had your ish together. The focus was about making your mark once you had your books out, and I loved that we didn’t have to remind writers to edit their work or not put out shitty covers. It’s expected we already know that – and we SHOULD. Information was new and I loved that it wasn’t really stuff you could get off Google. These were practical lessons from learned writers who are blazing paths and sharing their knowledge with others. We were encouraged to ask questions, but also to answer those which others didn’t know. I learned new things from every panel I attended and have already eagerly jumped into applying the lessons. And when readers asked when the next book would be out? Talk about a fire under my ass. There’s nothing more motivating than people who genuinely want your next story.

You accepted me. 

Much like my protagonist Lucy rejoins the circus hoping to belong, I too walked into each room with trepidation, nervous about what to expect. While the acrobats may have given her a dirty look, instead I was met with smiles and hugs, even from perfect strangers. No matter our appearance, religious or political beliefs, location, lifestyle or gender preferences, we all went in knowing we had one major thing in common: we love books. Didn’t necessarily matter what kind, either, and I loved the diversity across the board of book options. That in itself was a unifying factor, bringing us together no matter our backgrounds. And that’s just as a reader – as an author, well, I’m still reeling from the acceptance of my tiny little self into the big wide world of UtopYA readers.

You believed in me. 

As an indie author, I’ve never felt more accepted within a group of authors, both indie and traditionally published. It didn’t matter how we got the book out – what mattered was that we had a great story to share with others. My community at home is fantastic, but every once in a while I get that feeling that I’m not good enough because I’m self-published. UtopYA killed that stigma dead – I felt like a somebody, not only because some readers recognized me or my books, but also because those who hadn’t heard of me still welcomed me with open arms and took a chance on my books. I lost count of the people who raved over my table, who complimented my branding, who came back around to buy a book because the covers sucked them in each time they passed me. These are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’m convinced of it.

You made me a believer. 

I came in a little shy, a little nervous. I left with my head high and a stupid grin on my face. I even had a few tears in my eyes, because I was sad it was over and we have to wait a whole year for the next adventure. You made me a believer, not just in UtopYA or the readers and friends, but in myself. My confidence is higher than it’s ever been and I wouldn’t have that without you. I absolutely left with a UtopYA hangover, wherein I couldn’t stop obsessing over new friends and photos, what I’d learned, and what I will now plan in my future. I believe.


I already bought my ticket for 2015. I’ve set personal and professional goals, as it seems most of us have, and am determined to follow through. Not because I feel I “have” to, but because I genuinely want to. I want to impress and inspire as much as I’ve had done to me.

Ladies, I can’t wait to see you next year. Thank you for being you. Here are a few shots from the weekend that I’ll never forget – and that I’m excited to have again in 2015.

Special thanks to: Erin Hayes, for being a great table mate on Friday; I had so much fun with you! Bethany Lopez, for hanging out with me. Ethan Gregory, for making me feel like a somebody and his enthusiasm over my circus series. Michelle Files, for taking the time to chat with me at the dance party. Michele Miller, for inviting me to sit with her at karaoke rather than letting me hide in my room. Shana Benedict, for cracking me up with her hot boy talk and featuring Gifted on her $0.99 books blog post the day of my signing.

And finally, Janet Wallace, for putting the whole damn thing together like a boss.

Nashville Bound for UTOPYA 2014!

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Just a quick note to say if you’re headed to UtopYA in Nashville this weekend to find me!! I’ll be at Table 3 in Area 51.5 all day on Friday, including the Friday night fan invasion that’s open to the public! Just bring gently used children’s books or $5 to get in to meet all the great authors on board!

I’ve got goodies and a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card and tote bags and – oh yeah, books! I’m so excited to finally meet my online friends in person and meet tons of new ones! So if you’re there this weekend, please come say hello!